Sunday, March 4, 2018

Let's Read: Role-Playing Mastery by Gary Gygax (Introduction)

A few years ago I did a Let's Read of this book that, to be frank, felt a bit too heavy on the quotes and a bit too light on the analysis. So I deleted it with the idea that I would come back to the series later and do it over the right way. 

Today marks the start of that process. 

The goal of this project is to explore the ideas that Gary Gygax raises in this book and to see how they impact playing the game as it exists today. To do so I will be using limited quotes from this book so if you're interested in reading along with the project then I highly suggest picking up a copy because books are fucking awesome.

The other thing that makes me kind of excited about this project is to see how my own perspective of this work has changed over the last few years. When I first read it I was overly enthusiastic about everything I read. It was like Gary Gygax had written some sort of revelatory text and it was changing my understanding of the fundamental nature of role-playing games. Three years later though and I'm wondering if that sort of excitement wasn't an overblown reaction due to the dearth of discussion in those areas that I had been exposed to and my willingness to be impressed. 

Let's Read Role-Playing Mastery by Gary Gygax
Master Players (pgs. 24 - 40) [live March 7, 2018]
Master Game Masters (pgs. 41 - 56) [live March 9, 2018]
The Group (pgs. 57 - 76) [live March 12, 2018]
Making and Understanding Rules to the Game (pgs. 77 - 103) [live March 14, 2018]
Research (pgs. 104 - 119) [live March 16, 2018]
Tactical Mastery (pgs. 120 - 137) [live March 19, 2018]
Designing the Game (pgs. 138 - 152) [live March 21, 2018]
Mastery and the Appendices (153 - 173) [live March 23, 2018]

Below I have posted links where you can purchase a copy to read along if you would like. If you buy from the Amazon link I get a referral fee. It doesn't affect the price of the things you buy but it helps me buy things. So if you use it that's wonderful, but I would prefer you get the best deal no matter what else is going on. 

Barnes & Nobel (starting price $33.80 used)
Not available on !ndigo
Not available on
Not available on Wayne's Books
Amazon (starting price $38.95 for a new copy and $42.93 used)


  1. looking forward to reading this new take.

  2. FWIW has it for $3 and has it for $8. I'd would bet the Amazon copies are listed by dropshippers who will fulfill orders by buying through Abe or HPB and giving their Amazon buyer's address.

    1. Fuck yeah! I'll add them to the list so that I can get people better prices! Thank you so much Mike!

      Also, you rock in general and we don't talk nearly enough online or otherwise. We should totally fix that.


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