Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Art Fest, Week 12, 2016: "Dawning" by Low Bros

"Dawning" by Low Bros (source)
"Dawning" by Low Bros is one of those paintings that I have a hard time describing why I think it fucking rocks. Maybe because it reminds me of Star Fox with the blocking polygon effects or maybe it's the boarder that makes me think about being in the doctor's office when I was 13 years old and no one could figure out what was going wrong with me (spoilers: they never did). In the end it doesn't matter because this painting just fucking rocks. I want to see it hanging over my computer and to hear my son howl at it. I want to adventure in it when I'm playing D&D. 

It. just. fucking. rocks.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Art Fest, Week 11, 2016: "Orgullo" by Gustavo Rimada

"Orgullo" by Gustavo Rimada (source)

Often when you hear people talking about confident women in art they're talking about some sort of meaningless garbage where the woman either needs to be placed into a masculine role or where they have to be put up on some sort of pedestal (though that must be done without any hint of sexuality). Such things do not concern Gustavo Rimada's works as he has made the women he paints into the sort of people I've known my entire life: confident, uncaring of your social mores, and fully capable of destroying your world if you fuck with them.

"Orgullo", pride in English, typifies what Rimada's been capable of creating. She exudes the sort of integral nature of what true pride in oneself should be. There is no fear in her eyes and every bit of her has this sort of, "I give not one fuck about your shit," attitude that I just adore. In "Orgullo" is everything that I imagine to be found when you look in the eyes of Amazons. She's Red Sonja and Dejah Thoris. She's Zuggtmoy and Iggwilv.  "Orgullo" is everything right with the powerful women that actually exist in the world without the baggage shoved down on them by people with too much time on their hands and an ax to grind.

In fact, I like it so much that I'm ordering a poster of it this week. If you have an opportunity you should check out Rimada's website because he's putting out some fantastic stuff.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Art Fest, Week 10, 2016: "Tales from a Tin Can" by Brian Despain

"Tales from a Tin Can" by Brian Despain (source)
I love how playful Brian Despain's worlds are with their expressive robots that remind of SCUD the Disposable Assassin in the best way possible. Every painting he creates seems to expand on a world rooted in its own logic and that breathes with a vibrancy that many would kill for a tenth of what he's able to portray.  

I adore this painting. 

The robot with his clinched fist, puffed out chest, and open heart speaks to this determination that has me thinking about Superman and the Golden Age heroes that used to put fists on their hips and dispense justice to NAZIs without a care about their teenage sidekicks who are spinning about while bullets wiz over their heads. It's as though we're looking into an alternate timeline where the robots have been purposfully built to accomplish tasks that go far beyond the simple welding operations that Ford has concieved of and instead has moved towards something that would feel at home in Matt Groening's Futurama or William Shattner's Tek novels

If you get a chance you should definitely check out Despain's website as he's created a series of paintings that have given life to a world far more interesting than I can do justice. 

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