Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Best Villains Money can Buy

I own seventeen monster manuals, tombs, and guides across a variety of systems and editions that now clutter up my gaming shelf – the vast majority of which haven’t been opened in years. The monsters that fill these volumes range from the common flesh and blood variety, so gauche, to clockwork creations that move about automatically and deliver a sterile, clinical death. 
I have demons, deamons, devils, extraterrestrial beings, reality shifting monstrosities, and even the odd elemental man. There are robotic dragons, electric men, ambulatory furniture, and sentient toasters. Tribes of goblins, gobbers, hobgoblins, bugbears, ogres, ogrun, and giants for every type of geological feature and weather pattern imaginable. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Dragons Never Forget

Over the last few months I've largely been absent from Blogger. The website has been aggravating me as I've lost posts I've scheduled, and the integration with Google Plus has become a joke. So I decided to start a new blog over on Wordpress called, Dragons Never Forget. If you liked the stuff I've written on Dyvers I imagine that you'll like the things I write on Dragons Never Forget as well. The site is a bit bare right now as I'm still learning Wordpress but should begin having a lot more content showing up on it. Anyway, my first real post has gone live last night and is titled An Introduction to the “Amazing Engine,” the Role-Playing Game to Conquer Them All that Never Did.

Dyvers isn't entirely dead, by the by, but it's largely shelved for the time being.

Closing Comments.

Due to the influx of spam comments on Dyvers I am closing the comments. I'm not currently doing anything with this blog, but I don'...