Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Semi-Complete List of All d100 Tables from Elfmaids & Octopi

A couple of days ago, in the post So You Like Looking in Sacks, I was talking about +Chris Tamm of Elfmaids & Octopi's fantastic d100 tables. Without question Tamm has a gift for producing these wild, weird tables that always inspire my imagination and push my games into directions that I didn't realize I wanted to go until he got me to try them. The thing is that when exploring his blog it's easy to get overwhelmed - and that's with him producing a pretty solid archive index that will help you get to where you want to go by topic. 

Anyway I got it into my head to index all of his d100 tables so that I can explore them and find them quickly when I need them. The thing is that even after spending a few days working on this project I can promise you that it isn't complete. Tamm is always putting tables into post where you didn't expect them and they're just fantastic. So don't stop exploring him here; instead,  go into his archives and read one of the great role-playing game bloggers out there today.


d100 Adventure and Dungeon Name Generator
d100 Skyfalls and Everyday Eschatology, Planet Psychon
d100 Strange Lonely Old Houses
d100 Crossroads
d100 Islands
d100 Towers, Part One
d100 Towers, Part Two
d100 Forbidden Mountain Monster Kingdoms
d100 Hauntings? and Recap of the last year
d100 Magic Skulls
Curses! d1000 curses
d100 Border Barriers for Hexes in Psychon
d100 Necromancers
d100 Monster Babies
d100 Forbidden Castles
d100 Strange Encounters in the Graveyard
d100 Strange Graves of Planet Psychon
d100 Spooky and Possibly Deadly Artworks
d100 Strange Trees
d100 Rich Corpse Table
d100 Forgotten Temples and Bleak Ruins
d100 Saucy Pamphlets of Shadel Port
d100 Saucy Posters and Flyers of Shadel Port
d100 Things on a Lonely Moors at Night
d100 What kind of Farm on Planet Psychon
d100 A Funny Thing Happened While the Party Away....
d100 Rival Dungeon Parties
d100 Books of Shadel Port
d100 Dungeon Decor Table - Dress Up Dull Dungeons
d100 Post Crash Space Hab Modules 1
d100 Dungeon Decor Table: Rooms
d100 Magic Dungeon Pies
d200 Random Crap Found Outdoors on Psychon
d100 Wierd Science Fantasy Sidekicks of Psychon

d100 Doomed Immortals
1d100 Evil Kids
d100 Witches
d100 Gangs for Cyberpunk or Superheroes
d100 Kaiju Monster Apocalypses
d100 Necromancer Relics
d100 Strange Things in the Graveyard
d100 Monster death scenes
d100 Mighty Thresholds & Doors of Destiny
d100 Stair, Up and Down in the Redbrick Dungeon
d100 Shonky Deals in Shadelport, Part 1
d100 Big Shonky Deals in Shadelport, Part 2
d100 Post Crash Space Infrastructure Modules, Part 2
d100 Monasteries & Nunneries
d100 Dread Family Secrets
d100 Vehicles, Transport, and Steeds
d100 Doom of the Kingdom
d100 Flesh Pits of the Space Gods, Part 1: Scenery
d100 Flesh Pits of the Space Gods, Part 2: Lifeforms
12d12 Factions For Your Post Crash Mega Space Wreck
d100 Random Strange Crypts and Extra Guardians Tables
d100 Post Crash Space Eco-Hab Modules
d100 Megalith Sites - Remains of the Old Ways
d100 Stone Age Relics
d100 Holy Items
d100 Encounters in Wizard School
d100 Burried Things
d100 Tribes of the Goblin Mine
d100 Rival Parties
d100 Pubs on Planet Psychon
d100 Dungeon Stuff
d100 Crap Found in Goblin Mine
d100 Things to Happen in the Pub
d100 Strange Gateways
d100 Secret Rooms
d100 Anachronistic Encounters for Near that Gateway
d100 Stuff Found on Apocalyptic Roadways
d100 Wasteland Gangs
d100 Wasteland Road Hazards
d100 Carousing Series, Part 1: Down and Dirty Good and Bad Times in the Red Light District
d100 Carousing Series, Part 2: Upper Class Capering and Social Climbing in the Nob Hill District
d100 Carousing Series, Part 3: Study, Research, and Experimentation in the University District
d100 Carousing Series, Part 4: Charity, Prayer, and Contemplation of the Divine in the Holy District
d100 Carousing Series, Part 5: Getting Close to Nature in the Great Outdoors - for Druids, Barbarians and Rangers
d100 Carousing Series, Part 6: Shore Leave (Originally published in 2013)
d100 Carousing Series, Part 7: Dungeon Dwelling Life Style - for Monsters, Prisoners, or the Curious
d100 Carousing Series, Part 8: Underland Explorations - for Non-humans, Lost Fools or the Truly Brave
d100 Underland Series, Part 1: Underland Terrain
Various Tables Underland Series, Part 2: Your Underdark is Soft
Various Tables Underland Series, Part 3: Ogres
Various Tables Underland Series, Part 5: Orc Tribes of the Underland Wastes
Various Tables Underland Series, Part 6: New Hazards in the Underland
Various Tables Underland Series, Part 7: Outer Chasms Encounters
Various tables Underland Series, Part 8: Citadels (MUST READ THIS MASSIVE TABLE FILLED POST)
d100 Off Duty Monsters Antics, Part 1
d100 Off Duty Monsters Antics, Part 2
d100 What is Dungeon Boss Doing Now?
d100 What is that Master of Magic Up To?
d100 From the Waters Deep
d100 Dungeon Prep School Encounters

d100 Loves Gone Wrong
d100 Childhood Tragedies Series, Part 1: Villager Folk
d100 Childhood Tragedies Series, Part 2: Noble Folk
d100 Childhood Tragedies Series, Part 3: Urban Folk
d100 Childhood Tragedies Series, Part 4: Mercantile Class
d100 Childhood Tragedies Series, Part 5: Savages
d100 Childhood Tragedies Series, Part 6: High Barbarians
d100 Real Estate in Shadelport
d100 Lone Roadwar Drivers
d100 Dungeon Vice
d100 Tragic Old Murder Hobos
d100 New Road Hazards
d100 Unearthly Powers (Two d100 Tables Here)
Murder Highway Series, Part 1: Complete Pit Stops 
Murder Highway Series, Part 2: Lost Cargoes
Murder Highway Series, Part 3: Menaces & Moon Mission Madness
Murder Highway Series, Part 4: Common Folk
d100 Hitch Hikers of the Badlands
d100 Pit Stop Weirdos
d100 Druid Eggs and Things
d100 No Man's Land Series, Part 1: Whats in that Hole?
d100 No-Man's Land Series, Part 2: Encounters
d100 No Man's Land Series, Part 3: Strange Encounters In or Under No Man’s Land
d100 Things Found on Monsters Tabletops or in Lairs
d100 Angry Mobs
d100 Village Idiots
d100 Cops and Law Officers for Roadwar
d100 Rustic Rural Folk
d100 Stuff Hidden in a Humanoids Bed
d100 Stuff Hidden in a Monsters Nest
d100 What's in that Goblin's Sack?
d100 Petty Ghosts and Hauntings
d100 What's in the Dungeon Guard's Footlocker?
d100 Wonder What's in the Well?
d100 Roads and Travel Conditions
Various Tables: Dungeon Rush Shanty Towns
d100 Dungeon Seals to Trap Heroes
d100 Familiar Problems and Subplots 
d100 Wasteland Heroes
d100 Rent-A-Murder-Hobo
d100 Slumburban Bogans
d100 Crystal Zone Cornucopia at Last
d100 Magic Umbrellas
d100 Shanty Town Street Encounters
d100 Unwanted Things from the Back of Magic Shop
d100 Shanty Town Problems Revisited

d100 Strange Wells
d100 What's in a Bugbear's Backpack
d100 What's in an Orc's Satchel
d100 What's in a Hobgoblin's War Trunk
d100 Gruesome Deaths and Punishments
d100 Humanoid Gang Loot
d100 How I Was Wronged by that Villain
d100 Magical Under Garments
d100 Random Strange Crypt Table
d100 Everyday Deaths
d100 Gothic Dungeon Dressings
d100 Colossal Dungeon Dressings
d100 Catacomb Dungeon Dressings
d100 Petty Undead
d100 Strange Memorials
d100 Strange Sarcophagi
d100 Strange Hermits
d100 Dungeon Vermin (revised little guys)
d100 Petty Bunker Problems and Gossip
d100 Magical Farm Animals
d100 Janitor Store Room & Locker Content Table Guest Starring Chad
d100 What's in that Clown Sack?
d100 What's in that Wizard's Sack!
d100 What is in that Cultist Hiding Spot?
d100 Lonley Ruins
d100 Mildly Suspicious Village Happenings (+more hell stuff)
d100 Weird Village Encounters
d100 Urban Rental Nightmares in Shadelport
d100 The Village is Rampant with Chaos
d100 Petty Lairs
d100 Super Hero Love Life Gone Wrong
d100 Sidekick Woes
d100 More Marvel love gone wrong
d100 Homes for the Wee Folk
d100 Quests to Xor
d100 Holes in Xor + New type of corridor
d100 Missions on Xor
d100 Nice Village Encounters
d100 Prison Carousing
d100 Rations
d100 Mobile Citadels
d100 Wonders of Xor
d100 Flotsam and Jetsam
d100 Villagers Mistake Adventurers For....
d100 Madmen and Their Monsters
d100 Fun Time for Evil Lords
d100 To The Court of the Overlord!
d100 Necro Mutations
d100 Poems and Why Your Bards are Lame
d100 Fairground Attractions
d100 Evil Commoner Secrets
d100 Strange Dreams in the Witch House
d100 Boulders
d100 Strange Little Shops I had Never Seen Before....
d100 Empty Houses In Shadelport
d100 Things Off Duty Devils Do
d100 Street Urchins of Shadelport
d100 Roadkill
d100 Petty Wands or Cantrips
d100 Blasphemous Books of the Black Library
d100 Kids of Nanny Binx for GoatQuest
d100 Evil Frontier Farms
d100 Urban Structures in Ruins
d100 Wasteland Compound Structures
d100 Space Wreck Loot
d100 Kobolds for Sale
d100 High Tech Bugs
d100 Greater Hauntings for Weird War One
d100 Reptilian Mutation
d100 Diabolic Mutations
d100 Village Carousing
d100 Whats in a Giant's Sack?
d100 Inhabitants of Strange Old Wilderness Shacks
d100 Chaos Goats
d100 Dungeon Boss True Love
d100 Ancient Dungeon Machine Rooms
d100 Wasteland Death Cults
d100 Krampus Pranks
d100 Philosophers, Part 1
d100 Goblin Gifts
d100 Elf Gifts
d100 Tainted Elfborn

d100 Mystery Virgins


  1. He really is very good. Probably doesn't get as much appreciation as he deserves.

    1. By no means does he get enough appreciation. More often than not people tend to overlook him and that's a shame.

  2. The wealth of stuff in those 1d100 tables is gobsmackingly wonderful. A minor fraction of them could provide a DM with years worth of ideas and materials for a campaign. Just reading one can kick my mind intoo overdrive and spark up my creativity.

    1. Tamm is really just amazing and too few people know about him!

  3. Nicely done... looks like it could be a book! And there are more now :)


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