Friday, January 6, 2017

Tales from the Yawning Portal

More like tales from your boring-ass uncle who can't get over the fact that he's not playing high school football anymore.

Seriously, I'm not saying that I could do better but it is ridiculous that Wizards of the Coast expects us to buy yet another rehash of previously released material.

Update 1/7/2017

I've thought more about this and I realized that the reason why I'm so dissatisfied with this latest product announcement is that Wizards of the Coast has proven itself capable of providing us with quality reinterpretations and imaginings of classic adventures throughout this edition. So it feels like they're taking a short cut here and not giving us everything that we deserve as consumers. 

Listen, I know that they have a plan and it has been working throughout this edition but I really am at a point where I just want something set in another world than the Forgotten Realms. I would love to see them begin exploring Eberron, Dragonlance, Dark Sun,  or ~places hand over heart~ Greyhawk again. They proved with D&D 4e that they were fully capable of putting out excellent setting books that would rival the D&D 2e stuff; and now that they've shown themselves so capable throughout this edition it's time to do that again. 

As of right now I don't see any reason to pick up the Yawning Portal as I have all of the original adventures it is based on. Of course if it hits a really good sale I might pick it up because I'm a fucking collector who's been steadily purchasing all of 5e since it's release and that's what collectors do. 


  1. My biggest disappointment is that I would prefer to have this in PDF, which means I'll simply stick with the originals because running Castle Whiterock has shown me that I can convert editions on the fly with ease.

  2. Frankly, as someone who never gave a shit about Forgotten Realms, I am tired of everything taking place there. I liked Curse of Strahd and thought hat it was cool that they were branching into other properties, but even it had FR ties.

    Maybe this new book will reinterpret the older modules like Curse did with Ravenloft.

  3. Mixed feelings. I too am tired of the Realms... or, at the very least, the Sword Coast. There's huge swaths of FR that are being ignored... but I know it's all about "brand" these days. Baldur's Gate, Waterdeep, Neverwinter... Those are the brand's new capital cities and by God we are going to have to stay near them forever.

    That said, I think Yawning Portal will likely be fairly world neutral as compared to all of the other published 5e adventure paths. I mean, sure they will tie it into the Forgotten Realms, but it will only be a veneer. We all know in which world these adventurers are actually set.

    I don't mind that much that they are rehashed. I don't see myself as the "core audience" anymore and I'm ok with that. Many D&D players weren't even born when the majority of these old gems were originally published, and I see introducing those newer gamers to the re-vamped classics as a positive.

    1. I'm fine with re-vamping or re-imagining classics, but why must everything be on the Sword Coast? Let us explore new territory for Christ's sake! Bring back Eberron or Red Steel. Take us somewhere that we haven't been exploring over, and over, and over again for the last decade!


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