Sunday, January 8, 2017

In the This Will Surprise No One Category

Funko Pop figures will not survive a four year old boy's "gentle" playing.

Last year I started buying some of the Funko Pop figures whenever something particularly interesting would come into the store. I've traded a couple of them for others and a friend of mine actually gave me the Vault-Tec Funko Bobble-head that came as a LootCrate exclusive a while back. Now I'm not what I would call a collector of the Funko stuff - more just someone who picks one up occasionally. Anyway, I got up this morning and came into the living room to find my wonderful little son playing with two of the Pop figures. Well, what was left of them at any rate.

Ah well, he's 4 and toys are made for playing with, not sitting up on a shelf.


  1. That's probably why the packaging explicitly says "Not a toy", "Small choking hazard", and lists the recommended age as 14+ (17+ for the horror Dorbz, I think).

    1. That's clearly stupidity on their parts. It looks like a toy. It feels like a toy. My son broke it. Hence it must be a toy.


    2. Been there. Daddy's toys have to have their own room that is locked most of the time.

    3. I have stopped considering any of my toys my own. Instead they are his and he let's me have them for a while. It's nice that he shares.


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