Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Year in Review (Blog Statistics and Notes)

Last year I allowed my production on the blog to significantly diminish. For the first two years of the blog I made a real effort to publish something daily with the idea being that it would make me a better writer. In a lot of ways that effort paid off. My writing did improve greatly; however, in my effort to keep up with the aggressive schedule I had set for myself I started reading a lot of other blogs in our little community and I discovered that 2016 brought out the worst in many of us. So many "role-playing" blogs concerned themselves with poisonous backbiting that they never touched on their main topic: role-playing games. Now I'm not saying that if you have a role-playing blog that you should focus exclusively on role-playing games - God knows that I don't - but that sort of cancerous talk just sucked the will right out of me. We're in a new year now so I'm going to try pushing this blog back out into the role-playing community and see if we can't get a bit more of the conversation going in the right direction. Who knows?

Not me.

Anyway, I read recently that if you want to succeed at a project that you're putting effort into then you need to discuss it publicly. So as part of this process I want to kind of take a note of where my blog is sitting right now and where my goals for the blog are being set for 2017. 

Dyvers as of 12/30/2016 (when I'm writing this)

  • Currently Dyvers has a total of 770,256 page views
  • Each post has an average of 743 views.
  • The most viewed post is The Great Blog Roll Call with 55,651 page views
  • No top ten post has less than 1,000 page views.
  • No Quarterly Reports posted throughout 2016 so progress throughout the year is murky
  • Posts throughout 2016: 22 (lowest production level in history of the blog).
  • Reader engagement: Has remained solid despite the reduced posting rate with comments and +1s reaching regular levels.
  • Blog Earnings through Advertising on Blog: $5.27 (two lotto tickets in my future kids!)

Dyvers Goals for 2017

  • Break 1,000,000 views on the blog.
  • Expand reader engagement by being quicker to respond to comments both on Google+ and Blogger.
  • Use correct tags throughout 2017 and correct erroneous tagging in 2013 posts to allow for easier exploration of the blog.
  • Complete Artisan Toolkits series (14 parts remaining).
  • Complete Prelacy of Almor series (5 parts total - planned).
  • Complete 2017 Great Blog Roll Call
  • Complete 2017 Best Reads of the Week run throughout the year.
  • Make it through the year with an average of one post daily.
  • Post Quarterly Reports.
  • Complete every project I begin this year.
  • Post regular campaign write-ups throughout the year.
  • Further explorations of Greyhawk.
  • Read, and create a teaching series on, Burning Wheel.
  • Read, and create a teaching series on, Rifts.
  • Double my earnings through the Advertising on the blog (yeah, gonna buy me three lotto tickets).

In closing I just want to say that 2017 has the potential to be an exceptional year not only for my silly, little blog but for our hobby as a whole. Wizards of the Coast has been putting out fantastic adventure modules throughout the last two years and I don't see any reason why this would stop in 2017 (and for me that fills a big part of my role-playing budget). The indie press revolution in role-playing games continues to become stronger as we're seeing a diverse field of games that are capable of producing fun and exciting experiences. Here's hoping that all of us find new favorites in the coming year.


  1. I worked hard not to let my politics enter into Cross Planes. It was my "safe space" and I found this past year I needed it. As someone who didn't like either candidate, I did get vehement about my feelings on other platforms but I now regret that. Wherever 2017 takes us we're going to need each other as Americans to navigate a very divide future. I'm glad your back. :)

    1. "Wherever 2017 takes us we're going to need each other as Americans to navigate a very divide future."

      True facts!

      Also, glad to be back!

    2. My blog was down a lot in 2016 as well. I think I was also struggling with keeping the outside "real" world off my RPG blog. I have also been searching for a solid direction from my blog which has lead me to post less.

      Great to see you back !
      Have a great 2017!

    3. I stayed mostly a-political on my blog even though my social media accounts are decidedly not. 2106 actually went pretty well for me despite phenomenally low post count (33).

    4. You know, Marty, as I'm working on my new project I'm noticing that 2016 saw a lot of people posting a lot less than they ever had before. It was a hell of an election cycle.

    5. Yeah. That wasn't my primary energy drain, but it was just another one of those real life things that got in the way of the blog. The blog just had to take a back seat to a lot of things in 2016. I'm hoping not in 2017, but we shall see. Still shooting for 1/wk at minimum.

    6. 1/wk minimum is still 52 posts a year which is a pretty solid average for bloggers.


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