Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Campaign Titles My Wife Says I'm Not Allowed to Use

I tend to make up titles for my Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and like my blog they tend to be things that amuse me even if no one else gets the joke. Most of the time my wife doesn't look at the title and just plays. Then there are times when I run the titles I'm thinking about using across her. These are some of the ones she told me I'm not allowed to use (HA! Jokes on her. I've already used all of them!)

1.  Dickbags of the Underdark
2.  Murder Nights in Bangkok
3.  Grumbling Dwarves, Bloody Orks
4.  Mordenkainen and Two Hot Mummies
5.  You Should Have Stayed at the Inn
6.  Saving Dragons, One Kiss at a Time
7.  The Forgotten God Farts in the Dark
8.  Waiting for Bigby's Gently Caressing Hand
9.  The No Killing Club (Which None of You are Invited to Join)
10. Gnomes Gone Wild!!!!
11. Three Moons over Solace
12. Dragons and Kinder
13. I Make the Best Caverns. Everyone Knows.
14. The Damned Game
15. Three Brothers, a Gnome, and a Goat
16. One Hundred Years Chasing a God Damned Pixie and Not Doing a Fucking Thing
17. The Adventures of Three Chodes
18. You're All Criminals to Me
19. Wonderland is Kind of a Dump
20. The Barbarian's Fury
21. I Paid $49.95 for this Fucking Book the Least You Can Do is Follow the God-Damned Hook
22. Monte Cook Wrote This Shit
23. I'm Not Sure this is How Hentai Works!
24. To the Burnt Out Hovel!
25. Voodoo is Real


  1. I'd totally play in Murder Nights in Bangkok. XD It sounds like fun.

  2. "I Paid $49.95 for this Fucking Book the Least You Can Do is Follow the God-Damned Hook"

    Been there :)

  3. I know how you feel. I once drew a picture I called "Alien tentacle Snape" and was summarily told to dispose of it.

    1. I know you would, but you have to understand She is a Harry Potter fan, and she thinks Snape is misunderstood as it is.

    2. Are you sure she doesn't just think that Alan Rickman looks delicious with slicked back, greasy hair?

  4. My Dungeons a yuuuge. And we have the best Dragons. Ask anyone.

    1. I just ran that by the wife, she says it's pretty awesome.

  5. Mordenkainen and Two Hot Mummies is totally a thing around these parts.


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