Monday, January 30, 2017

Switching Browsers Because Chrome is Making Me Want to Hurt Myself

This afternoon I went looking for a new browser to use for my searching because Chrome is shit. Don't get me wrong; it used to be good. But lately it's been the one that blows up my RAM. Firefox sucks too. So after reading a shit ton of reviews I decided to go with Vivaldi. Pretty happy with it so far. The performance is solid and I'm not stuck with some DRM fucking with my shit.

I totally just used to abbreviations in my post without telling you what they were first. Aren't you proud?




  1. I'll check out Vivaldi. I have had some issues with Chrome as well but assumed they are due to Windows screwing with Chrome because it doesn't like me not using Edge.

    1. No, Chrome is having some serious RAM issues and it just appears to be getting worse since the last update. Also, they've been adding some DRM shit that I don't like to it lately.

  2. I can't recommend Vivaldi enough. So customizable, so smooth, so many keyboard shortcuts.


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