Short Stories and Unfinished Tales

I write a lot of short stories (some of the real life incidents and some complete fiction) and have a few unfinished tales laying about the blog. Here's a place where you can find all of them without having to search through the more than 700 posts currently on the blog. 

All of the short stories and longer works on this blog are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. If you would like to talk to me about publishing some of these on your own website feel free to contact me so that we can negotiate and appropriate price and contract for use.

Investigative Pieces

Leaving You Behind, the Mysterious Vanishing Act of David A. Trampier: An investigation into what was known about the disappearance act of Trampier before I broke the news of his death shortly after. 

Short Pieces

Alms for the Poor: Why I like to read Henry Miller and listen to the lies old women tell me. 

Dirty Titles and Lewd Descriptions: Things that happen when my wife reads the blog. You'd think one of us would learn not to read this thing.

Dropping Out Will Only Get You So Far in Life: A retelling of an incident in my life where I met up with some wonderfully intelligent people. 

Dude, I Didn't Know You Were Real: Sometimes people meet me and say some of the strangest things. This was one of the weirder incidents in recent memory.

Get Out While You Still Can: Sometimes you can't win and the bad guys will get you. In those situations what do you do?

I Don't Want to be Friends Anymore: A short piece inspired by a girl I used to date.

I Dreamed About You Last Night: A short piece about longing for a lost love.

I'm a Wizard: An actual play story about my death and the terrible things that happen when I attempted to become a wizard for the first time.

It All Started at Three in the Afternoon: The story of a post-apocalyptic world of Azgin Kurt and his quest to save his people. I experimented with how I wrote this story so expect it to have a different tone and style then the others. 

Kor's Place: A short piece about a brothel in the far distant future.

Living Dungeon, The: A short tale told from the perspective of a man being controlled by a sentient dungeon. One of the early stories on the blog and one of my favorites.

Not a False Word From These Lips: A true thing I said about a completely made up event that made my wife very displeased with me for three whole days. Quietest weekend in our entire marriage.

On Rejection, A Letter to the Void: A different approach to discussing things that I attempted. Fun and it worked for this short project but I don't know if I'll do it again in the future.

Setting the Woods On Fire: It might have been a disastrous trip into the dungeon, but I made it out. Now what?

Set Your Teeth Son, This is Going to Hurt: The terrible things that have happened to me when I get lost in the woods and have to find my way back out again.

She Did What?: A short tale involving a girl I liked and roller hockey.

Stardust is a Dream Given Over by Old Men: A short tale about how I view trolls and their impact on the blog, my life, and everything.

That Girl's Looking for Trouble: A story telling all the secrets of a Succubus' day. If you think the answer is making love, you wouldn't be entirely wrong.

Watch Me Fall through the Heavens and Straight Down to Hell: A short story about the Murderer who lived next door and how my brother and I screwed up his chances of ever finding the money buried in the field.

Work in Progress, A: Trying to explain what it means to be a blogger to your wife when she's looking for a simple answer can be hard sometimes.

You Might Feel a Little Pressure and Other Lies Told to Me by Women: A short tale from my first real breakup and how friends will never let you fool yourself into suffering needlessly.


Drink Deep of the Nyr Dyv: A short poem about my favorite location in Greyhawk.

Unfinished Tales

The Ballad of Milo Gutherie and the Ship of Fools: I got agrivated with this story and set it aside so I could stop being pissed at it. 
Part I: I Hate Everything

The Forgotten Citadel: The tale of the first campaign I ever played in. I was able to get though five parts before my son hid my notebook. If I ever find the notebook again I'll be able to finish up this actual play series. 

We Used to Go On Grand Adventures: Perhaps my personal favorite of all the things I've written on this blog. Still working diligently on part three, but I want it to be as good as the first two parts before I post it. Getting there . . .

Whispered Secrets from Across the Atlantic: A series of short stories interconnected with the memories of a broken promise and girlish laughter.

The Tuesday Incident: I started writing this piece with an eye on a futuristic setting with tinges of some of my favorite Science Fiction Pulp pieces and their modern counterparts. I put it down for a long time and just let it sit but I'm hopeful to pick it up again one day. 

You Will Remember My Name: The start of a series that I'm still currently working on but haven't been satisfied enough with the publish the next few parts. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to finish this one before the end of the year, but we'll see. 

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