Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Tuesday Incident, Part 3

What do you need Commissar?

He started talking in that way that every politician seems to do when they realize that you've got them over a barrel but don't know it yet. Lots of this is a duty, sacred trust, and the like seemed to be coming out of his mouth. I watched the clock as he spoke and counted the minutes. There was a saying that the longer the higher ups talked the more shit they were shoveling and the more likely we were to have our asses in the fire. At five minutes you'd feel toasty but make it out. At ten things were looking grim but chances were good that with a timely evac. things would be okay in the end. If the wind up ever went over thirty then you should go ahead and sign your will.

"So are you up for it," the Commissar asked?

Forty-five minutes.


More later.

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