Monday, January 13, 2014

The Invasion of Greyhawk Begins in Three, Two . . .

The Yaun-ti have been contacted by the Old One and a pack has been struck. They march even now south and west through the swamps gathering slaves and fodder for the army's arrows. There will be none who live in those lands this time tomorrow. 

Dyvers is cut off and there will be no aid as the armies of the Old One move through the depths of the earth unseen by his enemies, deep below the Nyr Dyv. The Sea Princes are busy with their own civil wars and the Pomarj echoes with the beats of drums and the goosesteps of the goblin armies.

The souls of the innocents have been handed over to the devils and the Old One's armies march on. Yet still there is hope, for the agents of good have seen the movements of the Yaun-ti and are even now on their way to the Jewel of Oerth . . .
We played the Dyvers campaign tonight and the world has moved one step closer to destruction. The knight is in play and I can still hear Kid Icarus laughing as he told me, "Your move."

My move indeed.


  1. "The Old One" just never seems to learn his lesson, does he?


    1. No matter how many times he get's his rear handed to him he keeps coming back. Like the energizer bunny he keeps going, and going, and going, and going . . .


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