Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Artfest: The Autumn People by Frank Frazetta

The Autumn People by Frank Frazetta

This haunting piece by Frank Frazetta is the sort of work that will creep into your mind and kick around the childish nightmares of your youth. The bulbous nodes making their serpentine way up the tree's trunk seem to hold the ghoulish images of lost souls captured by the restless spirits rising from the misty ground below. The whole image seems to cast the tree both as it is, and as a terrifying image of death itself holding watch over some long forgotten graveyard. 

The world seems to warp around the tree. Indeed even light seems to explode in the deadly ecstasy of death's embrace. Then there's the rising corpses. I imagine that Frazetta had seen Night of the Living Dead and decided that it just wasn't something worth thinking about. So he created a nightmarish hell that once it rose from the dead wouldn't falter, would stumble about like stiff necked children, but would come swift like a corpse' breath. 

Your thoughts?

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