The Completed Series

I write a lot on this blog of mine and occasionally I write series. This is a place where you can find each of the completed series in a nice, easy to explore format that doesn't have you wandering through the blog for hours. Each of the posts are interconnected so it should be easy enough to navigate them without having to return here each time (unless you just find this far easier).

Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Series Alphabetical by Title

Dungeons: A three-part series discussing the different types of dungeons and their impact on the game for both Dungeon Masters and players. If you've never thought about the differences between the various styles of dungeons than this is a great place to start exploring the concept as the people who commented on the post really helped move the conversation forward.

If You're Going to Be Evil: An actual play series from an evil campaign that never went further than the first night as our Dungeon Master couldn't keep up with us once we took the gloves off.   

Lost Caverns of Tsojconth, The: A comparison between the 1976 and 1982 versions of the same module. A little bit of spoiler information sprinkled in here and there but mostly without. 

Part 1: Adventure Background and Introduction
Part 2: Getting to the Adventure
Part 3: Into the Woods We Go!
Part 4: Maps
Part 5: The Dungeon Proper, The Lesser Caverns
Part 6: Conclusion

Nobody Makes it Out Alive: An actual play series that revolved around a bet I had with a Dungeon Master I hated and some friends that I deeply cared about. We had to make it further than any party that had ever explored the DM's "killer" dungeon or lose money and pride - two things none of us wanted to do. 

Part 10: Say It Ain't So. 

Dungeons and Drunkards A cross blog series I did with Jens D. of the Disoriented Ranger, Sean Bircher of Wine and Savages, and Stelios V. Perdios of The Word of Stelios. It was a fun series and I made a free PDF compilation!

Part 1: A pub crawl through assorted editions of D&D (and some homebrew) by +Jens D. 
Part 2: The Dance of the Tarantella by Charles Akins
Part 3: Boozing it Up in 5e by +Sean Bircher
  Part 4: When the DM Gets Drunk by +Stelios V. Perdios
Part 5: Drunken Beasts by +Sean Bircher 
Part 6: B-E-N-D-E-R! by +Sean Bircher
Part 7: Wine Angel by +Sean Bircher
Part 8: The Drunk Girl and the Game Master by +Stelios V. Perdios
The Complete Dungeons & Drunkards PDF

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