Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Book Shelf: Telempath by Spider Robinson

I picked up Spider Robinson's Telempath for $0.50 at a library book sale a couple of weeks ago and finally decided to give it a try this past weekend. Like many of the books that I'm into lately this one takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where society has collapsed. Only unlike the majority of those type of books this time the end was brought about by a virus that affects our ability to smell and our sudden discovery of another species that has been living on our planet since the days when it was a fiery inferno.

I really enjoyed Spider's writing as he managed to make the main character, Isham Stone, feel real and the danger that he experienced throughout the novel felt dangerous. I actually caught myself leaning forward as I was reading the book and completely forgetting the world around me - which is the best compliment that I can give this book. It is cleverly done and has sold me on reading more of Spider's books.

If you're looking for a good, quick read then this novel will not disappoint. Also, fun fact, it's been published by a bunch of different companies over the years and many of the editions have really excellent covers. My version was a Berkley Medallion Book and had these trippy plasmoids floating across the cover with a barren landscape behind them. I dug this cover I showed above more though so I used it. Cool book.


  1. Interesting detail on that cover: Twin Towers. o.o

    Sounds like a cool book!

    1. Yeah, I liked it too!

      Also if you haven't ever read Spider this is a great one to try first.


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