Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Slow, Steady Creep Towards . . . Something?

So the month of June has been a suckfest over here in the Akins  household and a lot of that is directly tied to how Blogger and Google Plus have been acting when I attempt to log into them. Of late both services have completely bogged my system down. Blogger will take a solid two to three minutes to load and then when I write things they tend not to be published and to completely disappear from the system. In this way I've lost all of my May and June Best Reads of, my work for the Murder Mayhem and Revenge project, and my article for the Why I Love This Game project. All of which means that I've got to get back to rewriting them, again.

Yeah, I know, I know. Backup, backup, backup. But here's the thing about blogger, if you use Word (which is what I use because I bought the damned thing) to write you articles out it imports the word format into the blog and completely messes up your subsequent edits and picture additions. Which is the suck. 

Oh, and if you've been messaging me on Google Plus I promise you that I haven't been ignoring you because I'm a jackass - it's because I'm not getting any updates. Like right now I have the little notification ball telling me that I have 59 notifications but when I attempt to open it I get a "reload the page" notification instead. When I go directly to the notification page on my Google Plus I get the same message. In fact the only way that I know if someone has attempted to tell me something is when my e-mail sends me an update (which has happened once with a message that Mark Van Vlack sent me several months ago and just came to me last night). 

What's causing all these problems for me?

Best I can tell it's coming from one of two locations. Either (a) it's coming from some new incompatibility between Google products and Firefox, my preferred browser; or (2) my internet has decided that those sites are somehow connected to an international conspiracy that involves a large conglomerate of assholes all farting to the east and thus driving the new El Nino to ever greater heights. I don't what the answer is but I'm downloading Chrome to see if it will make a difference even though I fucking hate Chrome and it's bullshit. I just like my blog more than I hate Chrome. 
Of course if this doesn't go live and it deletes like the others than I'm going to say fuck it and start migrating over to Wordpress tonight. 

Also, I'm getting a lot of spam comments lately. Anyone else having that shit too?


  1. Well, good to see you back. What is the best way to contact you? The Revenge project is up and running. We went ahead and scheduled it for next week (sorry). All is done and ready, you could just jump right back in. Do you have access to that thread or would a mail reach you? I could bring you up to speed, just tell me how ...

    1. What day next week?

      And you can get me at

  2. Have you tried using WordPad? It's basically Word, with all of the bells and whistles stripped out. And it doesn't insert all of the meta-tags that Word does. Just an idea.

  3. Whenever I post anything, or even write a comment that is more than about 20 easily rememberable words, before I click "Publish" I copy and paste it into a local document that I keep at least until it shows up on the site.

    I wouldn't count on Chrome doing much to solve the problem...

    On my (Google) Android tablet, blogspot blogs (also Google) don't render properly and won't scroll if I use Google Chrome or Chrome beta. It works fine with "Browser" or Opera Mini or pretty much any other browser.
    Think about that. One of their sites doesn't work on a product/platform where they control all of the variables. and they have no one else to blame because it does work w/ 3rd party software.

  4. Glad to hear from you. I was starting to worry something was up on the personal front, I'm relived + happy to know it's only SUPER ANNOYING TECHNICAL STUFF. Good to see you working it out , if you need any thing shoot me a DM on the twitters

  5. Glad you're back! I thought for sure you must have read a forum exchange somewhere about how using orcs in fantasy games made you a Nazi sympathizer and then tossed your computer out a window in disgust. Awful news about your essays though. True story: I ran the USB drive that had the only copy of my "Why I Love..." essay on it through the washer and dryer a few days before the deadline. I almost threw up when I realized where it was. Thankfully the thing still worked though. That's just what you needed, right? A story about how some asshole almost lost everything he'd been working on but didn't, to make you feel better about actually losing everything. I'll just shut up now.


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