Monday, August 12, 2013

The Caraway Bar

The Caraway Bar was opened five years ago by Skortec Gnollkiller, but from the looks of the place it may as well have been a thousand. The siding is cracked and in many places you can actually look in where the chalking has already worn away. The tables are made from genuine imitation teak and the stage is made of balsa wood. Which is fine since the only person to take the stage in the last year has been Weird Eyed Millie, whose eyes never want to look at the same thing at the same time, as she lumbers her quarter ton posterior across the creaking timbers announcing to the world that she is the last surviving member of Custer's Follies and holds the bar hostage by refusing to put her clothes back on. 

What few bar maids work in the Caraway Bar do so only because open prostitution in Collegedale is punishable by the removal of a limb and they're all down to three as it stands. The food isn't of much account as the cook, a dwarf who only answers to the name Meatshield, refuses to use ingredients without mold. He claims it makes a body healthy and that those who die weren't really meant for this life anyway. Meanwhile the bar itself runs along the majority of the main wall and is maned by Skortec's three nephews: Crawford, Clay, and Jackson. The trio manages to get most drink orders right so long as no one asks for anything fancy, like a whiskey and water.

There's a private room in the southwest corner of the bar where the local mofia - no one's willing to tell them that it's actually pronounced mAfia - likes to congregate. At any time you're likely to find between five and ten local toughs slouched around the tables as they plot their nights nefarious deeds. 

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