Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Akins Screw, the Drink of Champions

I invented the Akins Screw when I was in college and playing entirely too much Madden. My friends at the time would spend a hundred dollars on cheep beer and I didn't have that kind of money. I had enough money to buy a 750 ml bottle of liquor once every two weeks or a bottle of wine every week. So I would make my drinks stiff and sip at them over the course of the night getting just as drunk, but spending a hell of a lot less.

The Akins Screw
1 Highball Glass
3 Large Ice Cubes (or six medium sized cubes)
1 Peeled Orange Wedge
1 Twist of Orange
12 Parts Vodka
1 Part Orange Juice

In the Highball Glass set your Peeled Orange Wedge and muddle it, set your 3 Large Ice Cubes on top of the muddled Orange Wedge. Square cubes work best as they help defuse the liquor and aid in the mixing process but as long as you use large cubes your drink should turn out fine. Next poor your Vodka of choice over the cubes. I prefer to use either Belvedere, Vox, or Thor's Hammer vodka (which has the worst website ever by the way) for my liquor as they're usually priced in the mid range of vodkas. Additionally they have a smooth taste without a heavy aftertaste that can result in your lower range vodkas such as Svedka and Kavlana. At this point you should add your orange juice, pulpy juice is better than not but really it depends on your personal preference. Now what you want to do is add just enough orange juice to color the vodka - not to dilute it. Finally, take a bar spoon or a tea spoon (which is what I use) and stir your drink. Top the rim with the Twist of Orange and you've got the drink of champions.

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