Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100 Posts and Future Plans

It's hard to believe that I've already reached my hundredth post in just under three months. When I started I had the intention of just simply creating a blog where I could work out my overwhelming exuberance for Dungeons and Dragons in a semi-meaningful manner. In other words I wanted to avoid pissing off my lovely wife, the Glorious L, any more than was strictly necessary by limiting my discussions of Dungeons and Dragons to online chat, and our Sunday game.

I had no idea that I would begin to develop a style to my blog with semi-regular features such as Product Reviews and Dyvers Campaign write-ups, or even that anyone would read me. Thank you guys that do read me, and thank you for commenting whenever you feel like it. I really appreciate you all. 

Future Plans

Over the last few weeks I've begun to notice that once you get beyond seven articles on a single topic that it becomes incredibly difficult to navigate through the topic. In truth I figured this out after I was trying to read the Warlord Wednesday feature from the blog From the Sorcerer's Skull. He's nearing 200 articles on the topic and I'll be damned if I want to waste my time trying to navigate from the newest back to the first. So I'm eliminating that from my blog, and if you click on either the Dyvers Campaign page or the Product Review page you'll see exactly what I have in mind.

Hopefully it'll make your reading experience better.

I'm also going to be adding a new regular feature to this blog under the page Let's Read. Beginning today this series will be posted every Wednesday and will cover some book that is interesting to me at the time. I'll be going over the books in a way that is meaningful to their content. For example, in the first book of this feature, Role-Playing Mastery by Gary Gygax, I will be covering the book by chapters. In later books where the content is not divided up by chapters I will be reading by page numbers groupings. In either case I will always end each post by giving the next set to be covered. 

Whenever possible, and legal, I'm going to be linking to pdf versions of the books I'm reading in the hopes that some of you guys and gals reading this will be able to read along with me and that we can discuss the books that come up in this new feature.

Either way, thank you for reading me and I hope that you'll continue to find this blog enjoyable and worthwhile. 

-- Charlie


  1. That really was fast. Congratulations! Here's for a hundred more.

    And i'd be totally up for a discussion about that book by Gygax. Have the book lying around somewhere. Never read it, though. Should be fun! When would you do your first installment?

    1. Tomorrow morning is the first installment. Can't wait to get your view on it as we read along!


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