Thursday, July 31, 2014

Because She Said This Over Dinner

The wife wearing GOD'S TEAM ON HER SHIRT and playing D&D

Me: "I can't believe you've never played Halo!"

The Wife: "I can't believe you've never taken a dick up the ass. Do you want to keep going down this path."

Me: "No Ma'am. You win."


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! THIS is why we marry them.

  2. My response would have been "Who says I haven't?" Just to see the reaction. :D

    1. We've been married too long for me to use that anymore. :(

    2. Besides, when the wife says, "Do you want to keep going down this path?" it means to shut your pie hole because you're going to lose, badly.

    3. Heh. Yeah, I suppose there comes a point where shock value is trumped by one-upmanship. :) Still, her response is quite priceless.


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