Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So I Did a Thing on EN World

I wrote another article for EN World! It's really cool that Morrus let me write another one and hopefully this one will do as well as the last! This time I decided to talk about 10 blogs that will help make your 5e game better because there's so much good stuff coming out right now that it's making it incredibly hard to keep up.

By the way, doing research for this article was part of what lead me to my 5e theory, but not the reason why I've been reading so many blog posts over the last few weeks. Would anyone like to guess why?


  1. Excellent post Charles! I'm glad we have you to keep up with the deluge of blogs. I have no guess but there is something in the air about 5e for certain...

    1. From my perspective, looking at things years after they originally occurred, it reminds me a lot of how the OSR thing started getting steam and coming out of just about every blog, forum, and website you ran across. Now things could change as everything moves along, but right now there are a lot of similarities.


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