Thursday, September 25, 2014

Words Making Sentences and Other Inane Things

The new banner for anyone that wants to use it to link to the blog.
Yesterday I spent most of the day working my way through the 690 published posts on this blog trying to make it easier for people to actually search for the stories I've written. I don't know that anyone besides me and +Jim Haltom like reading these things but I sure enjoy writing them. Anyway, if you're interested in reading any of the short stories I've written over the last year or so then you're welcome to peruse the new Short Stories and Unfinished Tales page. And an imaginary dollar for anyone that can spot the reveal on that page. It's totally good for buying you an imaginary product that you'll never receive and aren't really sure you want.

Over the next few days I'm going to be updating the remaining pages so that I can start on the super-secret and totally stupid idea that will take me at least two months to complete. This idea is so fucking stupid that it's got me ridiculously stoked to work on it and trying to figure out how to make it easier for me next year (yeah, it's another one of those yearly projects). Anyone want to make a guess on what the nature of the project?

Oh, and I'm also starting work on the 2015 Great Blog Roll Call which will probably take me till the end of the year to finish (if not a little beyond). The goal is to expand the roll to 500 blogs - which means I need to find another 135 blogs to add to the current list. If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate a link below. 

A couple more notes on the 2015 Great Blog Roll Call.
  • The 2014 Great Blog Roll Call was a smashing success with the structural reorganization to the way that I presented the materials but I think there's still room for improvement. 
  • I liked that the Graveyard as it let people know which blog had gone by the wayside. Do you all think that I should include a dated Graveyard so that people can recognize which blogs died in previous years? It seems like a good way to ensure that everyone is up to date.
  • I'm thinking about expanding the blog descriptions to include three articles to be used as an introduction for the blogs. What do you guys think about that addition? 
  • Last thing. I'm going to be leaving a comment on every blog included in the Roll Call this year letting them all know about the new listing and their updated information. I noticed that some blogs are still sporting the Original Great Blog Roll Call and not the current version, while others have asked to be added when they're already on the list. Do you all think sending out the comments will help clear up the confusion?
 Oh, and I'm continuing to edit my Google Reader list and move everyone over to a different reader. So if you see my name disappear off your rolls it isn't because I've stopped reading you; it's because Google is sucking dick at making sure that I'm able to see your updates.

Damn it! I'm also working on creating a new banner for the Great Blog Roll Call. I want something that be cool and not so drab as this year's model. Surely to God I can do better than that. Surely. 


  1. As I have said before I love the great blog roll call, Keep a current link on my blogs link bar for quick access when I run out of things to read at lunch. It's a great resource.

    I think this blog could use a spot
    He dose not update and much as I woudl like, but it's good stuff.
    He strays into computer games sometimes, but it's all RPG.

    (In the name of transparency He's a friend of mine.)

    1. No need to worry about transparency! If his content fits I'll gladly add him! :)

    2. I don't have any shameless promoting to do for anyone, because I only read maybe 10 blogs or so and occasionally click on others that pop up in my G+ feed. Those few I do read have already been listed, so I'm not of much help.

      And yes, I love reading Charles' fiction. Some of it is pretty straightforward, some of it is a bit strange, but all of it is fun and he's really developing in to an awesome writer. I encourage everyone else who follows this blog to give the fiction a shot.

    3. Jim, that was the nicest thing to say about my writing. Thank you so much!

    4. You're very welcome my friend, and just keep up the good work.

  2. Hey, maybe you could make a square banner/button to stick in the sidebar, kind of like the RPGBA link image.

    1. For the Great Blog Roll Call. I can't really use banners on my wordpress, but if you have a little square or something, i'd be more than happy to toss that up in the Cirsova Sidebar.


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