Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Well I Just had Tremendous Fun on The Greyhawk Channel!

Did the show on the Greyhawk Channel. Had a lot of fun even though my microphone had me sounding like a hillbilly Kermit the Frog. Still fun.

Watch Tales From the Green Dragon - With Charles Akins! from thegreyhawkchannel on

Right, so now that I've done that and had so much fun I want to do more. Hit me up kids!


  1. Ah... the colorful language you used to describe the Forgotten Realms. lol.

    You're dead-on when you said it's Elminster's story. I have no idea if the 4e or 5e FR books start off with a monologue from Elminster, but that's was one of the biggest things which turned me off from the Realms and continues to do so whenever I come across a monologue in an old issue of Dragon and the like.

  2. Hey Stelios!

    I like the hell out of you. I don't think I've ever told you that. We should totally do another project together sometime soon-ish!

  3. Your brief mention of Flannery O'Conner got the wheels spinning. Something about adventurers escorting an nagging and hypocritical old woman to Florida (or wherever) and she won't keep her mouth shut when they encounter The Misfit...

  4. Good times. You need to get yer ass to GaryCon next year!


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