Saturday, June 7, 2014

Who Are the Wizards Fifteen?

This morning I wrote a piece, You've Got Them Beat 3 to 1? Are You Sure That's a Good Thing?, discussing the differences between the staff sizes of Wizards of the Coast and Paizo. Since that time I've had a question rolling around in my brain: who are the fifteen people working on D&D for Wizards of the Coast?

Questions like these tend to roll about in my head from time to time and I prefer to know the answers rather than leave them to dig at me. Here's what I've come up with, a list of fifteen names with those I know for sure are included and blanks for the rest. Can you help me fill in the rest?

The Wizards Fifteen
1. Mike Mearls Senior Manager
2. Rodney Thompson R&D
3. Jeremy Crawford Editor & Developer
4. Greg Bilsland D&D Producer
5. Chris Perkins D&D Producer
6. Peter Lee R&D
7. Matt Sernett R&D
8. Chris Sims R&D
9. Trevor Kidd Community Manager
10. Shelly Mezzanoble Associate Brand Manager
11. Chris Tulach Program Manager, Organized Play
12. Nathan Stewart Brand Director & Executive Producer
13. Nina Hess Editor-in-Chief, D&D Novels
14. Ed Greenwood?
15. ?


  1. Greg Bilsand is one, I work with him on playtesting.

    1. Whoohoo! Thank you so much for remembering Greg's name Mark. Adding him to the list means that we're only missing seven more!

  2. Added more today thanks to EN WORLD's Morrus!

  3. You put Ed Greenwood with a "?" because is a free lancer? Then you should put even Salvatore, or not? :)


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