Sunday, August 6, 2017

2017 Dyvers Progress Towards Stated Goals Updates

At the beginning of the year I did my quasi-regular update wherein I discussed the health of the blog over the previous year and where I would like the blog to go in the future. We're now a little over eight months into the year and I'd like to evaluate where we are in relation to those expressed goals. 

Stated Goals

Break 1,000,000 views on the blog. 
Currently sitting at 868,272 which is a gain of 98,016 page views since I originally set this goal back in January. That reflects a false average of 1,922 page views per update this year. I call it a false average because it implies that each new post received that level of attention. No. The average post this year has received 312 page views with the majority of this year's later content receiving greater attention than posts published earlier which is probably reflective of the fact that I have been  more active updating the blog this year than in 2016 when I just fucked off for most of the year. 

That said my conclusion is that it is probably unlikely that I will be able to break the 1,000,000 page view mark by the end of the year; however Dyvers should still pass the 900,000 page view mark and that is still an accomplishment that I feel I can be proud of doing.

Expand reader engagement by being quicker to respond to comments both on Google+ and Blogger. 
While I engagement is still solid on Blogger I'm woefully unresponsive on Google+ - though I have gotten far better to responding to comments on Twitter and through my e-mail. My conclusion is that I am on the right track but I need to continue improving in this area if I want to do better by my readers. 

Use correct tags throughout 2017 and correct erroneous tagging in 2013 posts to allow for easier exploration of the blog. 
I have been able to use the correct tagging throughout my 2017 posts; however, I have made no progress on the 2013 posts. I still have time but my guess is that I will not have the 2013 updates done before the end of the year. 

Complete Artisan Toolkits series (14 parts remaining). 
Fucking no.

Complete Prelacy of Almor series (5 parts total - planned). 
Fuck no

Complete 2017 Great Blog Roll Call 
I'm through the first 125 blogs but progress has been slow as there is just a phenomenal volume of content out there to read through as I'm adding nearly 300 new blog to the list.

Complete 2017 Best Reads of the Week run throughout the year. 
The sheer volume has made doing a Best of Weekly series for my entire reading list practically impossible. I don't have the free time necessary to read nearly 700 blogs every week. So I'm thinking that I'm going to be doing this as a monthly thing once I've published the GBRC

Make it through the year with an average of one post daily. 
Not even close. Though I have managed to double last year's output and this year has the promise of putting me at a respectable 100 post total. So while that is not the outcome that I had wanted it's one that I can still be happy with when it's all said and done. 

Post Quarterly Reports. 
Yeah, not so much. 

Complete every project I begin this year. 

Post regular campaign write-ups throughout the year. 
I haven't played very much until recently when Mark Van Vlack of Dust Pan Games got me to play with him on Roll 20. Since then I've launched two campaigns with two different groups, am playing in two more, and have been invited to play in three more. Don't have time for all of that but it's fucking fun over here kids! Anyway, I recently began my first write up which published earlier this week and that I'll be working on as we play through the campaign. I won't be publishing it concurrently with events in the campaign as I don't want to give away things that will spoil the game for anyone so expect it to be a slightly slow update. 

Further explorations of Greyhawk. 
Feeling okay about this. Not as much as I would ideally like but progress is still progress.

Read, and create a teaching series on, Burning Wheel. 
I've gotten permission to do this one but I want to finish Dragon Warriors first. 

Read, and create a teaching series on, Rifts. 
I have yet to receive permission to do this series. I really want to do it as I think the game needs someone out there advocating for it but I have to proceed very carefully down this path.

Double my earnings through the Advertising on the blog (yeah, gonna buy me three lotto tickets).
Surprisingly done! I have earned a total of $11.28! Thank you to all the people who have decided to click on the advertisements on the blog. You fucking rock!


  1. Regarding the Rifts series, are you going to be dealing strictly with setting or are you going to be delving into mechanics as well?

    1. I wanted to do a series explaining how to actually run the game: make a character, combat, an explanation on how magic and the like work, discussion of equipment, and so forth. Essentially I wanted to create a series where it would teach people that wanted to learn RIFTS how to play. With how in-depth I would like to go I want to ensure that the KS is on board with my plan before I start publishing it and run against what he finds permissible.

  2. If you get the green light for it, that could be cool. I know the megaversal system gets a lot of hate but it has one of the most fun combat systems I've encountered as a player.


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