Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Things that Shouldn't Need to Be Said, Part 1: Gaming Inclusiveness

Of late I've noticed this trend going through my social media circles where role-playing enthusiasts feel the need to make statements like, "Gaming should be inclusive," as though such a statement were some monumental comment that took a lot of courage to make.

It isn't.

Gaming absolutely should be inclusive. You should game with all kinds of groovy people whether they like boys kissing boys or big, burly men dressing up with tiaras and high heels. The only thing that should matter at your table is that the people there are good to each other and that everyone is willing to have a good time.

"But Charlie," I hear my fictive, counter-argumentative friend say, "but there are people out there who are shitty and that believe women, trans-people, and people of color shouldn't be at the table! We have to make a stand!"

Yeah, you ain't standing for shit when you're saying that on social media. What you're doing is asking for people to tell you that you're a good person for telling the world that everyone should be invited. Fuck that noise. Instead of wanting that feeling through platitudes, fucking do the thing. Invite the trans-kids you know to play. Call your friends of all shades to the table and let them beat the shit out of some imaginary creatures for a few hours while telling terrible jokes and drinking beer. Get your gay buddies to come over with their blinged out notebooks to show you how it's fucking done. Call on all the cool kids you hang out with every day to come and play with you.

Stop talking, and start doing.

Bring the people you want in this hobby to the table and help teach the next generation of players not to be a bunch of fedora wearing, misogynistic, fuck-faced, douche bags. Start a gaming group for kids at your local library. Invite everyone you know that likes Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones. Fucking be the change you keep saying you want to see in our hobby.

"But Charlie," I again hear my fictive, counter-argumentative friend say, "what about when I see someone being shitty to a woman, trans-person, or person of color on social media. Shouldn't I say something about that noise?"

Fuck yes you should! Call that shitty bastard out. Tell them to stop being a fuck head and send your buddy a word of support. Don't make that shit about you with some meaningless platitude. You're not the important one in that situation so stop worrying about your feelings and worry about your buddy's instead.

Right, enough of this soapbox.

I'm going back to planning a raid into the Far Realms on leaky ship, laden with high explosives and my black heart of hate. I fucking love Roll 20.


  1. Not much more to be said...
    Well put sir.

  2. Here, here. Have fun and roll dice with friends, old and new. Have your friend's back. Live your life.

  3. You realize that this entire post is exactly the thing you're complaining about in this post, right? You're virtue-signalling how tolerant and inclusive you are. And, right on cue, your commenters are praising you for it. On with the circle-jerk!


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