Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Research List

Living Greyhawk Gazetteer
  1. Al'Akbar
  2. Allitur
  3. Atroa
  4. Beltar
  5. Beory
  6. Berei
  7. Bleredd
  8. Boccob
  9. Bralm
  10. Celestian
  11. Cyndor
  12. Dalt
  13. Delleb
  14. Ehlonna
  15. Erythnul
  16. Fharlanghn
  17. Fortubo
  18. Geshtai
  19. Heironeous
  20. Hextor
  21. Incabulous
  22. Istus
  23. Iuz
  24. Jascar
  25. Joramy
  26. Kord
  27. Kurell
  28. Lendor
  29. Lirr
  30. Llerg
  31. Lydia
  32. Mayaheine
  33. Merikka
  34. Mouqol
  35. Myhriss
  36. Nerull
  37. Norebo
  38. Obad-Hai
  39. Olidammara
  40. Osprem
  41. Pelor
  42. Phaulkon
  43. Pholtus
  44. Phyton
  45. Procan
  46. Pyremius
  47. Ralishaz
  48. Rao
  49. Raxivort
  50. Rudd
  51. St. Cuthbert
  52. Sehanine Moonbow
  53. Sotillion
  54. Syrul
  55. Telchur
  56. Tharizdun
  57. Trithereon
  58. Ulaa
  59. Vatun
  60. Vecna
  61. Velnius
  62. Wastri
  63. Wee Jas
  64. Wenta
  65. Xan Yae
  66. Xerbo
  67. Ye'Cind
  68. Zagyg
  69. Zilchus
  70. Zodal
  71. Zuoken

Questions Yet to Be Answered
  • What is the point of having so many gods when many overlap each other? Is it a flavor thing or is it simply the glut that often accompanies a setting over time?
  • Should some of these gods be culled from a completed list? 
  • Any god left on the list should have a reason for existing beyond X does Y but with a slight difference. It must be distinct and provide a reason for choosing them over the others. Is it possible for this to occur with an unmodified list?



  1. Real world religions often have a bewildering array of divine beings so it is no t entirely unrealistic. However in terms of gamability it is a bit unwieldy. Which is why I wrote the below link. By treating that list as a series of religions it becomes much more manageable.

    1. I like it Rob! Thank you for sharing the link with me.

    2. Additionally, when deities overlap I will simply lump them together and explain their different names as simply being cultural. It's even allowed me to deal with infighting between religious "factions" of the same deity.

  2. Bear in mind there's no single "Greyhawk Pantheon." There are different pantheons for the Suel, Oeridians, Flan, and Baklunish. Much of the overlap you're seeing is because there could be a Suel sea-god and an Oeridian sea-god, for instance.

  3. Much like Earth has the Norse, Greek, Roman & Egyptian pantheons (among others), this is a merged list of the deities worshiped by Eastern Oerik's various human races.

    There are several problems with it though. Raxivort, Sehanine Moonbow & Ye'Cind are not human's deities and do not really belong unless you also want to include hundreds more from the various demi-human & humanoid pantheons. Raxivort is a god of the xvarts. Sehanine Moonbow is an alien--a Moon Elf goddess from the Forgotten Realms trying to establish a following on Oerth (I don't know where the bit about being Corellon Larethian's wife came from, as it is not mentioned in Deities & Demigods (1980) where 'he' first appears. also as a being who is alternatively male, female, asexual & hermaphrodite, does he really need a wife? (and if so, wouldn't Hanali Celanil or Ye'Cind be better candidates?)) Ye'Cind was an elven wizard, offered godhood by Corellon for his music. His recorder appeared as a relic in the 1st edition DMG.

    On the on the other hand, the Rhennee and Olman pantheons do not appear in LGG, and they are human races.


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