Monday, January 1, 2018

The Most Viewed Posts on Dyvers of 2017

2017 was, largely, a good year for me. I had a lot of fun talking shit to my friends online and I was excited about quite a few projects. Then my heath scare came along and put all that on the back burner. That said the blog did well all things considered. 

These are the posts that did best this year. 

2017 Top 5 Most Viewed Posts on Dyvers 

Let's Talk about the Meatgrinder Mode for a Bit: Shortly before Wizards of the Coast published their latest reworking of a classic Greyhawk adventure and shoved it into the Forgotten Realms i09 published an article where they briefly discussed what the folks at Wizards were calling "Meatgrinder Mode." I was intrigued by the idea and explored it a bit. 

A Semi-Complete List of All d100 Tables from Elfmaids & Octopi: I was, and am, convinced that +Chris Tamm is a monster in our hobby. He consistently puts out these voluminous tables covering all manner of events. But what makes these tables so significant is that often each table is filled with ideas that could launch a whole campaign and that could change everything about how you play the game. So I decided to make a list that would help me find all the d100 tables. He's still putting out more tables and I'm still reading them. You should too. 

Dragon Warriors RPG, Part 1 An Introduction and Early Impressions: When I first picked up the Dragon Warriors RPG I was amazed at what I had in my hands and I couldn't wait to explore it. I still think it's a fantastic game and I will eventually pick back up the series so that I can finish it. But right now my heart's just not in this project. 

Dungeons & Dragons Doesn't Have to Follow the Traditional Foundation Laid by Tolkien: I came to Dungeons & Dragons late in life and my literary tastes are often far flung from many of my fellow enthusiasts. As a result I tend to do things counter to what the Tolkien purists would like - often what they insist - should be done in Dungeons & Dragons styled games. In this post I talked a bit about how the game could be different if you choose to move away from the Tolkien perspective. 

Sober Thoughts about the Newest Adventure from Wizards of the Coast: After it became clear that Wizards of the Coast had yet again decided to rob an adventure from Greyhawk and plug it into the Forgotten Realms I had a less dignified response than I probably should have. I then sobered up and wrote a bit more thoughtfully about the new adventure. 

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