Friday, April 4, 2014

Answering Questions: Jim Haltom (2 of 2)

Are you currently working on a novel, short stories, etc.?
If not, why the fuck not? -- Jim Haltom

I'm working on two short stories right now and one longer piece. I'll be publishing the short stories here and the longer one I'm going to try and submit to a few publishers to see if they'd be interested in going forward with it.

I'm totally prepared for rejection on that last one but nothing ventured nothing gained.

Thank you for the praise by the way. It made my night!


  1. Go, go, go! Here in Italy we say "Chi non risica non rosica!" ("Nothing ventured, nothing gained!")

  2. First, you're welcome. I look forward to your short fiction on here. Second, one of my favorite detective fiction novelists is Robert B. Parker, gods rest his soul. His Spenser series of books are great. I would recommend reading them in order, starting with The Godwulf Manuscript. They are fast reads, but Parker's gift of prose is fantastic, and his dialogue is some of the sharpest in the business. There are something like, close to forty books in the series, but for modern day tough guy detective fiction. Your writing reminds me of him to a degree.

    Anyways, keep on keeping on my friend.

    1. "But for modern day tough guy detective fiction, he is one of the best." Had to put an edit in there because that sentence made no sense. :)

    2. Fuck yes! I love when I remind people of good things and not complete suck fests!


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