Thursday, April 3, 2014

Best Blogs?

I'm looking at the Ennies this afternoon and I discovered that they have a blog category. Which is really cool because I'm expecting to see a blog I've actually heard of or maybe even some new ones that will rock my face clean off. What I find is actually pretty disappointing.

Adventure a Week
This one's actually pretty cool. 

The visual display of the site is nice, though the writing tends to be a bit hit or miss with me. That's totally understandable since there are multiple authors working on this site so it's kind of cool seeing how each author's vision plays out when compared to the others. If you go to the site you'll notice that they actually have a subscription service they're running for their adventures. 

I have no idea if it's worth the fee.

Help My RPG

This is an expired page to a blog that no longer exists. I've never heard of it before so I have no information on it other than to say it's not right to have a blog that's gone the way of the Dodo up there.

Nerd Trek

Of the two active blogs nominated so far I dislike this one the most. The front page just doesn't feel right to me, though the writing is nice. I don't know, just not my thing I guess. 

We Can Do Better

I'm sure that the nominees so far are all doing their best, but this group of nominees is not representative of the vast majority of bloggers out there. We have great bloggers in all of our feeds who produce amazing content that goes above and beyond what these paid services do. So I'm challenging you to nominate your favorite blogs to the ENnies this year.

According to the rules all you have to do to nominate someone is fill out the form and get permission from the author of the blog. That's nothing because you can just leave them a note and say
Hey, I really like your blog. If you don't mind I'd like to nominate it for the ENnies this year. Are you cool with me nominating you?
Let's do it. 

Let's get out there and nominate our favorite blogs. Let's make this category representative of the blogs we love and not a sounding board for the smallest minority of paid blogs. Nominate the blogs that move you; that make you think; that inspire you. Let's take this category back.


  1. Was tempted to submit my own blog (Genius Loci) but then realized that my reader base is pretty slim and I'n not an A+ blog ... not yet anyway.

    1. While you might not have as large a readership as Tenkar's Tavern I think you've got a great blog. You should submit it, at the very least you'll find yourself expanding your audience and at the most you'll win.

      I call that a win-win.

  2. Compared to those - almost any RPG blog.

    I personally like Necropraxis for game design, False Machine and Middenmurk for content. I like my own blog when I'm posting as well.

  3. Replies
    1. Publishers have until May 8th to get their 2014 ENnies entries in! Here's a list of who has entered so far! If your favourite pubilsher isn't there, be sure to remind them!

      Read more:

    2. Sorry about that sounding weird. I copied it directly from EN World's front page.

  4. I vote for the OSRies.

    Wait. We don't have our own?

    1. The thing I like about the ENnies is that it's open to anyone across brands, systems, and the like. It's cool.

  5. Well honestly the ENnies are kind of a joke in general anyway. My shortlist of best blogs right would probably be Hack & Slash (despite the pretension), Telecanter, Dungeon Dozen, and Elfmaids & Octopodes, just in terms of consistently worth-reading content. But actually if I just check two blogs (which is usually all I have time for anyway) it's Tenkar's Tavern for news and Dyvers for sheer entertainment. :)

  6. Hey Charles, I really like your blog. If you don't mind I'd like to nominate it for the ENnies this year. Are you cool with me nominating you?

    1. And that just made my week. Of course you can nominate me!


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