Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Dangers of Daggermore

This afternoon I was asked to take a look at The Dangers of Daggermore Kickstarter and give my impressions of the project. Often when I'm asked to look at these sort of projects I tend to pass on them. Either the Kickstarter is something that I'm completely disinterested in or the people asking don't want my honest feedback - they just want me to pimp their shit. Yet on this occasion I really liked what I saw.

As you can see from the above pitch video these guys have good equipment and the technical know how to use it in a professional manner; and the people involved in the project seem committed to seeing it a success. Where I become concerned is when we get beyond the technical side of things and onto the actual script and acting.

No where in the pitch or on the Kickstarter page are we shown the actors actually acting, nor are we told who's writing this film (though my guess is that +Hal Burdick, who launched this project, is the author). Even the latest update which shows Victoria Singleton's test footage as the rogue continues to showcase their technical know how but gives us nothing to go on as far as their acting ability.

With ten days to go the project has already made its $1,000 funding goal so we're going to get to see a lot more when they finally release the pilot but until it comes out I'm holding off on donating to this project. I'm really hopeful that when the pilot launches that it's able to fulfill its promise and I'll have found another great web series to donate to like the Brothers Barbarian and Standard Action.

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  1. Just in case anyone was wondering I didn't get anything for writing about this project, I just liked it.


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