Thursday, October 23, 2014

A New Campaign? At Dyvers? You Don't Say!

One of the major projects I've been working on in the background is setting up a new campaign. Over the last few years what I would consider my core group has steadily broken up because that's how life works when you move cities multiple times and have jobs, families, children, and all the responsibilities that come along with being an adult. Sure I've been able to string together the occasional one shot but nothing has really gone for a full campaign.

Now since the last full campaign I ran, which ended with a self-sacrificing total party kill where they kicked the bad guys back into the last century before the last one fell, ended in 2010 after my lovely bride graduated college and got her first teaching job a lot has happened. Step now has four children. The Mighty She recently got married to a lovely young man who is righteously terrified of her. Biggboy's mom and dad have had some serious health problems. The Master Planner has just moved back to the state after a brief sojourn out west. And I've been all over hell and finally come back to the foot of the mountain.

So I've been e-mailing the Mighty She, Icarus, Step, Biggboy, and the Master Planner to set up the best day for all of us to play. Right now it looks like Friday will be the best day for us to play; but the question remains: what the fuck am I going to run? 

In the past I've either run in Greyhawk or in my homebrewed world (which they destroyed a few years ago), so this time I'm thinking seriously about going into the Iron Kingdoms. The problem is that even using only one of the setting books is a massive chore as Privateer Press put out some serious fucking documents. I think the Character Guide is nearly 500 pages and so too is the World Guide. Don't get me wrong they're absolutely beautiful but intimidating to try and fully immerse yourself in the setting as I've done in the past with Greyhawk. 

Son of a bitch. I just realized something that I want to do and it's another god damned rabbit hole. Fucking A.


  1. Close your eyes and take a step... or flip the page, whatever is more appropriate. Hope to read about that undoubtedly great adventure some time soon.


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