Monday, October 20, 2014

Blaming You Is Easier Than Dealing with My Own Hang-ups

It's depressing reading about the way that people have used the case of Zoe Quinn to prove their preconceived notions about gamers and "The Hobby" (which is a monolithic entity that we can all be dumped in because we play games - regardless of the type). Because of Zoe's situation suddenly we're having to watch that bullshit hatchet job's revival which throws everyone back into the fire. Everything is being linked to each other; role-playing games, video games, card games and anything else that differs from the main, arterial flow of what's considered an acceptable pastime is steadily being brought together to form yet another enemy to focus on instead of teaching people to be decent fucking human beings.

Instead of taking responsibility for our actions as parents, and individuals, it's so much easier to say that the problem is those gamers or [insert other group you don't like here]. It's easier to say that group X is responsible for all our woes as a society and that the things we don't like are coming directly from them - because it certainly isn't coming from us. We're not killing imaginary beings with dice or blasting pixels from the safety of our couch. They're the god damned problem!

Fuck that noise right where it lives.

Being a gamer doesn't make you a bad person, but being a hateful bastard does. But how do I know if I'm being a hateful bastard, you ask? Here's a simple test. Out of the two examples below pick the one that is being played by the bad guys.

1.) A group of players are rolling dice killing orcs and making jokes. They're having a tremendous time with lots of laughter. Some of the people playing the game are former soldiers, some are currently pornstars, while others are convicted felons recently released. 

2.) A group of people are putting each other into increasingly uncomfortable situations by ascribing various negative actions to an individual (sexism, bigotry, elitism, among others). People not currently the focus of the group are having a tremendous time with lots of laughter and righteous indignation. Some of the people involved are authors, some are currently academics, while others are activists constantly who look to better the world by focusing on correcting an issue that they see as significantly making the world worse.

Which one did you chose as the bad guys?


  1. This is why I try to keep most of this stuff coming off the net at arm's length. The SJWs, the misogynists and bigots, all the way those who say, "You're playing it wrong!" can all go take a flying leap. I'm all for equality and inclusion, but not at the sacrifice of my freedom to enjoy things that might contain "objectionable" material. If you feel so strongly about something, sure, talk about it, bring up your concerns, debate. Just leave me the fuck out of it.

  2. Honestly I've never considered myself a member of the gaming community, a particular political party, or any religious group (including Atheists).

    I have friends, and groups of friends and acquaintances, who may identify as being part of such groups, but for my money, organizations of these types are more trouble than they're worth.

    Give me a group of good people over representatives of a group any day.

    1. Of the groups you named I've only ever considered myself a part of a political party, and that because I've been out campaigning for candidates since I was six years old (which is actually a lot of fun for young kids). But I totally dig what you're saying because anytime that you let one person represent your views in a public forum - no matter how well intentioned or smart they may be - they're going to say something that's going to piss you off and make you ashamed of them. *shrugs* That's just life I suppose.

    2. That is a part of the Human condition. It's somehow intrinsic to our nature that unless the group believes we are right about something, our own belief that we are right about it is invalid. I personally do not believe that. When it comes to the mob mentality, it seems to do little more than lower the individual IQ.

      I despise politics. I really do. I think every single man, woman, and alternative sex pronoun person in this country should do a write in vote for every election. We should write in the word 'NO'. NO, until they give use more and better choices.

  3. Fuck them all. Just ignore it Charles,

    It's the internet equivalent of what mainstream media calls a "slow news day". (and by the way, I love slow news days, because that's when you learn all sorts of fascinating stuff like: Ebola is a racist plot caused by the NRA,)

    It will blow over as soon as something actually interesting happens. Meanwhile, just ignore them and enjoy D&D, or video games, or porn, or classic rock, or whatever.

    And if the haters want to make me a pariah on Facebook & Twitter for this opinion, bring it on. I won't care. (or even notice unless it somehow spills over into real life, at which the publicity will probably help my business...)

    1. mO.Om That ebola is a racist plot is fucking crazy shit that now dominates my life!


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