Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Answering Questions About the Great Blog Roll Call 2015 Edition

Occasionally I get questions about how I write the Great Blog Roll Calls and I wanted to answer some of them out in the open where everyone could see them.

"How many blogs do you actually read 
for the Great Blog Roll Call?"

I haven't added anyone to the list that I haven't read. This year I've got over 400 blogs in the can with nearly fifty of them new to me.

"How many entries of each blog do you read 
before writing their entry?"

In past GBRCs I would read the previous six months of entries in order to make sure that I had a decent grasp on the blog and what the author was attempting to do with it. This year I'm attempting to read the entire year's worth of articles so that I can create more accurate descriptions and provide future readers with good introductions.

"When is the new GBRC going to post?"

I'm shooting for a mid to late January release.

"How do I get added to the list?"

You can either drop me a note here, on one of the older GBRCs, or shoot me an e-mail. If you send an e-mail be sure to title it GREAT BLOG ROLL CALL REQUEST so that I can scoop you out of the junk mail filters.

"When is the cut off to ask to be added?"

The best thing to do is to ask before I publish it so that I can make sure you're on the list. That said, I try to add everyone as quickly as possible though sometimes Blogger is buggy and I think it's updated only to find that it has not (which has happened to me multiple times with the 2014 version).

"Will you be adding buttons and banners for the GBRC 
that we can use for our blogs this year?"

I'm working on them currently.


  1. Just curious: How many blogs and blog posts do you read everyday?

    1. I honestly don't know. I'm so deep into the GBRC prep that my scale is off. Like yesterday I read 459 posts for the GBRC and 40 more that caught my attention in my feed. Today I read 56 because I ended up getting distracted by my son and the potty training.

      If I had to guess I'd say that I typically read between 30 and 50 a day. Oh, and on the day before I post the Best Reads of the Week I usually end up reading between a 100 and 250 (depending on how many people posted that week). Before I get the follow up I usually read after my son and wife have gone to sleep for about two or three hours and then do the same. I need more sleep than the Barking Alien, but I make for it by reading quickly and absorbing most of what I read.


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