Thursday, October 2, 2014

Listening to the Sound of Success (Adam Warrock)

I'm sitting here listening to Adam Warrock and enjoying the hell out one of my favorite music artists. There's something so wonderful in listening to a guy who makes just some fantatic music and doesn't give two shit about the fact that he's talking about a bunch of hardcore nerd shit (to quote Ice T).

Here are a couple of my favorites. If you like them head over to his website. He posts free tracks all the time and if you like what you're hearing I highly suggest dropping some coin on him as he's absolutely amazing.


  1. I love WarRock. I've seen him in concert about 5 times now and he always puts on a great show. Anyone interested in purchasing some of his music should check out his Bandcamp page (

  2. "Magneto Was Right" is in my current short-list of favorite songs.


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