Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sin Eater: Week 5

I meant to post this on Friday but my son was sick and then I was traveling and trying to get him into the doctors and . . . Life happened. Anyway Sin Eater will be delayed until Saturday, February 14, 2015 to give me a bit of time to get some major projects out of the way. I know that Sin Eater isn't the most popular thing that I do on the blog but it's one of those projects that I really enjoy. 

If you haven't been reading along with the series the project is designed as an opportunity for each of us, you and me, to drop the facade for a minute and recognize each other as real human beings with our won failings, misgivings, and foibles. Those are our sins; the things that we hate about ourselves and that we are ashamed of. Sin Eater is a chance to put those out into the void and to release ourselves from them. Anyone can post on them either through their own usernames or anonymously if they prefer. I only ask that you don't share anything illegal you've taken part in because the law can get your ass and confessing openly in public will put your ass in jail.  

Anyway, all the old Sin Eaters are still available for anyone who wishes to participate. So whisper your sins to the internet gods, and let the Sin Eating begin.

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