Monday, May 18, 2015

FAQ for April Best Reads of the Week!

I completed both the Best Reads of the Week for March and April at the same time because I apparently hate myself. Also, they needed to be caught up to date. So if you were hoping that your blog would be added back into this month's list you'll be disappointed as they were done at the same time.

Now on with this month's FAQ

Why did you lose my blog?
I had to go back to a factory reset on my blog because my wife likes to download flash games that screwed with my operating system. It was draining the life out of my computer so I went back to the original setup. I thought that I had a back up of all the blogs I've been surveying this year but not so much.

 How many blogs did you check?

How many posts did you read to make the lists?

How many posts were read for April 1 - 10, 2015?

How many posts were read for April 11 - 17, 2015?

How many posts were read for April 18 - 24, 2015?

How many posts were read for April 25 - 30, 2015?

How do I get my blog checked for next month?

Please feel free to contact me either through e-mail (be sure to title your e-mail "Please add me to the 2015 GBRC" so I can snatch it out of my overly aggressive spam filter),  through Twitter @ThatAkinsboy, or leave a comment below.

What if my question wasn't addressed in this FAQ?
Please feel free to contact me either through e-mail (be sure to title your e-mail "I have a question about the March 2015 Best Reads of the Week" so I can snatch it out of my overly aggressive spam filter),  through Twitter @ThatAkinsboy, or leave a comment below.

Which blogs were included?
Below is the complete list along with my terrible misspellings because I did this as I went.

19th Level
2 Warps to Neptune
20ft Radius
2d6 + Blog
2nd Chapter, A
5e Grognard
About Bruce Heard, D&D, and New Stories
Acorn Afloat, The
Advanced Dungeons & Parenting 
Aeons & Augauries
Age of Ravens
Aggregate Congnizance
Aiee! Run from Kelvin's Brainsplurge!
Akratic Wizardry
Alex Schroeder RPG
Alexandrian, The
Altdorf Correspondent, The
Anamnessis of the Mystic Scholar
Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets
and the sky full of dust
Andrew R. H. Girdwood
Angry Game Master, The
Angry Hampster Publishing
Appendix M
Appendix N
Arden Est
Armchair Gamer
ars ludi
Asshat Paladins: Lawful Good Without Being a Dick
B/X Blackrazor
Back to the Keep
Barking Alien
Bat in the Attic 
The Beat Ronin
Bedside Notepad
Beholder Pie
Beyond the Black Gate
Big Ball of No Fun
Billy Goes to Mordor
The Black Gate, Adventures in Fantasy Literature
Blessings of the Dice Gods
6d6 Fireball
Blog of Holding
Blood of Prokopius
Blue Boxer Rebellion
Book Scorpion's Lair
Brighton and Hove Roleplayers
Bruce R Cordell Blog
Built by Gods Long Forgotten
Bum Rush the Titans
Campaign Mastery
Canonfire Crier, The
Carapace King
Carjacked Seraphim
Carto Cacography
The Cartography of Thorfinn Tait
Casting Shadows
Castle Triskelion
Cauldrons & Clerics
Chainsaw Chirurgeon
Chaotic / GM
Chirine's Workbench
City of Dust
City of Iron
Clash of Spear on Shield
Codex Apocrypha
Comprimise and Conceit
Concierge, The
Cooking with Charles
Crawdads and Dragons
Creighton Broadhurst (dot)com
Critical Hits
Crooked Staff Blog, The
Cross Planes
Crowbar and Brick
Cthulhu Reborn
Cuticle Chewer's & Well-Pisser's Fantasy Report, The
d4 Caltrops
Daddy Grognard
Daddy Rolled a 1
Dan & Sally's Digital Domain
Dandy in the Underground
Dangerous Gnomes in Pink Robes
Dark Corners of Role Playing
Dark Paths and Wandered Roads
Dead Cyclops
Deadly Fredly
Death 'n Axes
Delta's D&D Hotspot
Department V
Dice are a Lie, The
Dice of Doom
die heart
Discourse & Dragons
Disoriented Ranger, The
Dispatches from Kickassistan
The DM from Outremer
DM David
Dongion, The
Don't Split the Party
Dread Gazebo, The
Dreams in the Lich House
Dreams of Mythic Fantasy
Dungeon Dozen, The
Dungeon Fantastic
Dungeon of Signs
Dungeon Smashing Empire
Dungeon Workshop, The
Dungeons & Differentials
Dungeons and Digressions
Dungeons & Drawings
Dungeons Deep & Caverns Old
Dungeon's Master (dot) com
Dungeon Skull Mountain
Dwarven Stronghold, The
Dyson's Dodecahedron
Echos from the Geekcave
Edgar's Game Blog
Elfmaids & Octopi
Epic! RPG Blog
The Esoteric Order of Roleplayers
Evil Baboons or Perhaps Mandrills
Exonauts: Far-Out, Sci-Fi Adventures
Expanding Universe
Explore: Beneath & Beyond
Eye of Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends, The
False Machine
Fantasy Heartbreaker by Rose Baily
Fantasy Ink
FATE of Tekumel
Fictive Fantasies
Field Guide to Doomsday
Fighting Fantasist
Films of High Adventure
Follow Me And Die!
Forgotten Runes
Forsaken Age
Froths of D&D
Free RPG Blog, The
From the Ashes
From the Sorcerer's Skull
Fuck Yeah . . . British Old School Gaming
Further Up the Spire
Game Mechanic, The
Gamers and Grognards
games with others
Gaming As Women
Gaming Ballistic
Gaming, It Happens
Geek Ken
Genius Loci
German Geek, A
giant evil wizard
Giblet Blizzard
Githyanki Diaspora
Glimmer Haunts the Flesh, A
Goblin Punch
Gothridge Manor
Great & Small: The Roleplaying Game of Animal Fantasy
Great Game, The
Green Skeleton Gaming Guild
Greyhawk Grognard
Grubb Street
Grumpy Old Troll, The
Hack & Slash
Hall of the Mountain King
Halls of Tizun Thane
Harbinger of Doom
Haunted Spookshow of Channel X, The
Harvard's Blackmoor Blog
Henchman Abuse
Hero Press
Hero Twice a Month, A
Hill Cantons
Hit Adjacent Ally
Hits to Kill
Hitting on a Double One . . . Killed by a Double One
How to Start a Revolution in 21 Days or Less
How to Succeed in RPGs or Die Trying
Howlbear's Moving Castle
Howling Tower
Keith Baker (dot) com
((nil) is (not(null)))
Hydra DM, The
I Waste the Buddha with My crossbow
In Places Deep Where Dark Things Sleep
In the Words of Tom
Iron Taver, The
Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog
Jeff's Gameblog
Joeskythedungeonbrawler's Blog
Joethelawyer's Wondrous Imaginings
Kill It with Fire
Known World, Old World
Lake Geneva Original RPG Campaign
Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Land of Nod
Lands of Ara, The
Last Gasp
Lawful Indifferent
Lawful. Not Necessarily Good
Le Chaudron Chromatique
Legacy of the Bieth
A Life Full of Adventure
Look, Robot
Lost in Time
Lost Pages
Lovecraftsman, The
Metal vs Skin
Mazirian's Garden
Melvin Smif's Geekery
Mesmerized by Sirens
Metal Earth
Moebius Adventures
Monster Brains
Monster Manual Sewn From Pants
Monsters and Manuals
Mortaine's Blog
Mule Abides, The
Murky Pool
Mythmere's Blog
Mythoporic Rambling
Necromantic Halfbreed
Nine and Thirty Kingdoms, The
Nuelow Games
Observations of the Fox
Oerth Journal & Canonfire! Chronicles, The
Olde School Wizardry
Once More Unto the Breach!
Ongoing Campaign, The
Other Side, The
Otyugh Talk
Paladin in Citadel, A
Papers & Pencils
People Them With Monsters
"Perceive Things!"
Peter Adkison Blog
Planet Algol
Playing at the World
Playing D&D with Porn Stars
Points of Light
Poot Perception, The
Porky's Expanse!
Pulsipher Game Design
Quag Keep
Quickly, Quietly, Carefully
Rachel Bonuses
Raging Owlbear
Ramblings of Jacob & Delos
Random Acts
Rather Gamey
Raven Crowking's Nest
Reality Refracted
Really Bad Eggs
Realms of Chaos 80s
Realm of Quindia, The
Realm of Zhu
Realms of Chaos
Realms of Chirak
Red Box Vancouver's Blog
Red Dice Diaries
Rended Press
Renfield's Cat
Retired Adventurer, The
RetroRoleplaying: The Blog
Return to the Keep
Reviews from R'lyeh
Richard's Dystopian Pokeverse
Rob Heinsoo (dot) com
Roles, Rules & Rolls
Roll for Initiative
Rotten Pulp
RPG Corner, The
RPG Knights
RPG Pundit, The
Ruminations of a Geek
Rumors of War
RuneQuest Fun
Ryan Macklin (dot) com
Sandbox Empire
Sarah Darkmagic
The Savage Afterworld
Savage Swords of Athanor
Save vs Dragon
Save vs Poison
Save vs Total Party Kill
Sea of Stars
Secrets of the Shadowend
Semper Initiativus Unum
Shard World
Shorty Monster
Sign of the Frothing Mug, The
Sly Flourish
Society of Torch, Pole and Rope, The
Socratic Design
Sword Plus 1
Swords & Dorkery
Swords & Stitchery - Old time Sewing & Table Top RPG Blog
Sycarion Diversions
System sans Setting
Tabletop Diversions
Tales from the Flaming Faggot
Tales from the Tower
Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque
Tao of D&D, The
Tekumel Foundation, The
Tekumel Project, The
Telecanter's Receding Rules
Ten Foot Polemic
Ten Foot Pole (dot) Org
Tenkar's Tavern
Designer Monologues, The
Evil GM Blog, The
Grand Tapestry, The
Rambling Roleplayer, The
Warlock's Home Brew, The
Thorn's Chronicle, Daughter of the Ashen Empires
Thought Crimes
Thoul's Paradise
Throat Punch Games
Tobold's Blog
Tomb of Tedankhamen
Tower of the Archmage
Tower of Zenopus
Troll and Flame
Trollish Delver, The
World of Ortix
Cave of the Dice Chucker 
Unofficial Games
Vanadorn's D&D Campaign
Venger's Old School Gaming Blog
Violent Media
Voices in my Head
Wampus Country
Wandering Gamist, The
Wasted Lands, The
Weird Opera
What a Horrible Night for a Curse
Windsor Gaming Resource
Wine and Savages
Word of Stelios, The
Worlds Galore
Wrathofzombie's Blog
Your Dungeon Is Suck
Zenopus Archives
Zombiecowboy's Game Blog
Go Make Me A Sandwich

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