Thursday, May 7, 2015

Top Ten Bloggers of Today?

When you think of an RPG Blog who is the first person that you think about?

For years my answer to that question would be tied between +James Maliszewski, who wrote Grognardia, and +R.D. Reed, who wrote Cyclopeatron. They were two of the guys who kept me coming back, reading everything they wrote, and hoping that one day I would be the sort of author who had people that wanted to read me that way too. When I think about blogging today, though, neither of them comes to mind because they've both largely stepped away from their blogs. 

That got me to thinking who's out there today, actively blogging, that you think of when it comes to the RPG Blogging scene? More to the point of this post: who are the top 10 bloggers for you? Who gets you excited when you see that they've updated because you don't know what you're going to find? Who inspires your games, your creativity, and keeps you motivated?

It's not an easy question to answer because there are so many great bloggers out there who are really putting out some top notch content. My own list is constantly in flux based on my mood, what's captivating my attention, and where my own games are going. Still, if I'm going to be asking you cats who are your favorites I should post my own. So here they are, in no particular order:

My Top Ten Bloggers of Today

+Logan Knight and Rosie Turner who write Last Gasp

+Jay Exonauts who writes Exonauts!

Ask me again tomorrow and it's sure to change but for right now there it is! So, who are your favorite authors of today and what blogs do they write?


  1. Oh, and if you're worried about hurting someone's feelings you can leave the comment anonymously.

  2. Your top three are in my top three! I'd also include, in no particular order: (when it's not a post about bujilli)

    I guess that's a top 7? Close enough I suppose.

  3. I think every time Monster Manual Sewn from Pants updates it's gold.
    And Jens does great stuff over at Disoriented Ranger.

  4. Frankly, I'm not feeling it anymore. My favorites have gone and no one has risen up to replace them. Everybody's talking about neo-retro stuff instead of actually digging into old shit.

    Oh that reminds me: Zenopus. I like Zenopus. And Playing at the World. And Pornstars. Zak is kinda the last of the old guard.

    Now there's too much social justice trolling, pictures in place of content, 5e. Not enough Arduin, Encounter Critical, Judges Guild, reviews of old shit. Nobody even talks about the new shit that old farts are doing: Ken StAndre, Frank Mentzer, Jim Ward, Rob Cuntz, Ernie Gygax they're all putting out new shit and the OSR blogs barely notice. Ogre pocket came out and like 1 blog mentioned it once. : /

  5. Content wise i would ad dust pan games, lost pages, dyson's and, especialy, dnd with pornstars (this one alredy mentioned). Zak gets things out of his hat as nobody else.

  6. I will have to work harder. Or (in true RPG fashion) "deal with" the competition. :-)


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