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BEST READS OF THE WEEK! April 25 - 30, 2015

Welcome back to the Best Reads of the Week! Every week I read through more than 370 blogs looking for the best rpg related articles to bring them directly to you. This week we've got an amazing setting for a campaign; the history of one of D&D's enduring artifacts through the editions; a great new mini-game; a slew of new character playbooks for Beyond the Wall; and so much more! If you see a post that you like be sure and tell the author how much you enjoyed it!

If you've got any questions about this month's lists be sure and check out the FAQ. And as always, thank you for your comments, shares, plus 1s, and for taking the time to read this list. See you on the next set!

APRIL 25 - 30, 2015!

Dragonwrack Part 2: On the Dragons of Dragonwrack, Dragonwrack Part 3 Black Dragons, Part 4 Blue Dragons, Part 5 Green Dragons, Part 6 Red Dragons, and Part 7 White Dragons by J.D. Jarvis, from the blog Aeons & Augauries: Building on the ideas laid out last week J.D. continues to lay out a great way to use Dragons in your games in this fantastic Dragonwrack Series. Be sure to read them all because they're worth it.

Best of the Joesky Tax by Paul, from the blog, Blog of Holding: The Joesky Tax was an idea that for every rant, every asinine and frivolous post, that the author would then follow it up by creating something useful for the people who had to suffer through such things. Unfortunately many of these posts are beginning to disappear. To help preserve them Paul has collected some of his favorites in this post.

Castles in the Sky Part 2: Religion, War and Conquest by +Emily Dresner-Thornber, from the blog Critical Hits: This is the conclusion of Emily "multiplexer" Dresner-Thorber's examination of a world dominated by flying castles. Well worth reading.

They Wait in Darkness / The Quiet City by +Pearce Shea, from the blog games with others: This description for the world Pearce has been playing in with 5e hits me as perfect in practically every way. The writing sets the tone for the city with the sort of skillful craftsmanship that rarely shows itself in our daily world and that begs for more to be shown. To say I love this setting and would gleefully spend years adventuring here is an understatement.

Sword of Kas Through Editions by +Mike Bridges, from the blog Greyhawkery: This article hits me just right. First it covers one of the great artifacts from the game's history in an easy to read manner; and second, it's about a Greyhawk artifact. Great article from Mike.

Violent Resolutions - Never Tell Me the Odds Part 2 by +Douglas Cole, from the blog Gaming Ballistic: In this concluding part of the Never Tell Me the Odds tandem Douglas looks at combat in dramatic systems that don't really rely so much on the math that the previously examined games did. As someone who doesn't play FATE I found the discussion fascinating.

You Probably Haven't Heard of It Before by +Charles Akins, from the blog Dyvers: Another in the series of posters for Greyhawk.

International Dungeoneering League by +Scott Malthouse, from the blog The Trollish Delver: I love all sorts of mini games that require you to think outside the traditional role-playing game format and this one proposed by Scott just makes me way too happy.

Beyond the Wall - New Character Playbook - The Foreign Diplomat (Rogue); Beyond the Wall - New Character Playbook - The Pious Priest (Mage); Beyond the Wall - New Character Playbook and Class - The Cursed; and Beyond the Wall - New Character Playbook and Class - The Exiled Monk by Wrathofzombie, from the blog Wrathofzombie's Blog: One of the things that I love about how these character playbooks are put together is how easily you can manipulate them for other games. Each of the ones in this series really get my mind working and have gotten me to pick up the Beyond the Wall game.

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