Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dyvers Q2, 2015 Report

By comparison to the Q1 2015 Q2 performed slightly behind my goal. While the overall number of posts was only slightly less than in Q1 there were significant gaps in between posts that limited the opportunities for posts to build on the momentum of previous successes. The inability to effectively maintain a regular schedule during the quarter - which will be shown even more significantly in the next quarter - directly impacted the overall performance of the blog.

Allow me to belabor this point for a moment.

On a daily page view metric my blog has continued to perform at a high level with an average view rate of around 1,400 page views per day regardless of whether I post new content or not; however, the majority of that traffic is from my archives as it is clear that people are actively exploring them.
When new content is produced for the blog on a regular update schedule there is a significant difference in the daily page views and in all other metrics I use to determine the performance of my blog. This difference is pronounced and will begin to show itself over in a reduction of daily views over gaps as small as three days. This quarter, and the early results from Q3 2015, have provided me with some invaluable data that I had not previously had confirmation of but had strongly suspected.

As always these numbers represent only the numbers from the post published during the month and do not reflect the views from the archives.

Plus 1s
Page Views
Q1 2015
Q2 2015

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