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Welcome back to the Best Reads of the Week! Every week I read through more than 450 blogs looking for the best rpg related articles and bringing them directly to you. This week we've got: more Wunderspire; thoughts on why Campaign Settings matter so much to us; satirical articles that hit 5e and the OSR (gird your loins kids); a look at the taboos that surround our tables; and so much more!

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JUNE 15 - 21, 2015!

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Player’s Handbook Errata (Official) by YDIS, from the blog Your Dungeon is Suck: This often vicious lampooning of the recent errata released by Wizards of the Coast attacks many of YDIS' favorite targets while continuing to mock the insistence of certain segments of this hobby to treat every word of a gaming book as sacred. The comments are not for the weak of heart so if you read them be prepared for terrible things to be said and for them not to care about your feelings. 

Wunderspire Part 4: Heights, Multitudes, Gods, Intrigue and Part 5: The Underclass, Other Lands, and the Complete PDF by +Jack Shear, from the blog Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque: In the concluding two parts of the Wunderspire city-state series Jack continues to present his readers with just enough information to inspire their imaginations but not to overwhelm them with needless lore that they could make up just as easily themselves. Plus he combines everything into a FREE PDF. Check this series out!

 Let's Talk About Campaign Settings I: Introduction and Part 2: Second Edition Settings Analysis by +Jeff Russell, from the blog Blessings of the Dice Gods: In this rather interesting series Jeff explores what made the beloved settings of Dungeons and Dragons so special. His thoughts on the matter are definitely shaped by the leaders in OSR design theory and practice which makes for an interesting read.

Vladimir Putin’s Last Voyage Part 2, After the Flood: A Message to Ryan and Part 3, Among the Barbarians by faustusnotes, from the blog Compromise and Conceit: These last two parts pick up from where the first part left off and I am begging for another part! I really hope that more adventures come out soon from Vladimir's Putin's Last Voyage!

Clerical Work Part 13: Specialty Priests of Shar for D&D 5th Edition by +Mark Craddock, from the blog Cross Planes: Mark's continuing efforts to bring the Specialty Priest into 5e through feats.

What was wrong with AD&D 2E? by Scott, from the blog CYCLOPEANA: As Scott notes in this post there are rabid legions of fans for all the other editions, why not 2e? What was wrong with it that no one still stands up screaming, "You can take this game from me when I fucking die!"

Skraelings by Scott, from the blog CYCLOPEANA: I really dig this post. Now I'm going to have to pick up some RuneQuest just to see more examples of this style.

The 10 Kinds of OSR Gamers by Kellri, from the blog Kellri: I don't know what it is about me but I love any post that takes a poke at the very people it's being written for, and this one does that in spades.

Taboos in Storytelling at My Table by +Moebius Adventures, from the blog Moebius Adventures: Every one of us has those things that we won't allow at our tables and in this post Moebius discusses his own and is looking to find out about other peoples' taboos.

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  1. Oh noes, you listed one of blacklisted blogs that will forever contaminate you in the eyes of certain pundits. (The funny thing is until I was accused being a frequenter of that blog I didn't even know it was still around.) I don't like some of the stuff there (or in general *posting about stuff you hate rather than about stuff you love*) but that was a pretty funny one.


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