Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Short Bit on My Lovely Bride

Written and performed by Mark Grist http://markgrist.com/   


People have asked me why I was attracted to my wife, assuming that my answer would be about her breasts or her fantastic rear. But the truth is that when I first met her I looked into those beautiful eyes and noticed that she was reading a book that bored me to death and I thought, now here is a woman who reads. 

Over the years she's filled our house with books and I have pushed back against the ever increasing volume of literature that fills my halls until I gave in and bought out used bookstores hoping that I could read even one tenth of what she does in a day. Last year I read twenty five books and was proud but I didn't say it to loudly because she had finished 326. She reads everything from classics to modern bodice ripping affairs whose titles make me blush and while I pretend that I'm half as intelligent I know that I just can't compete with the girl who reads. 

She's my everything and the reason why I make sacrifices that I would never have dreamed possible before we met and I thank God for the girl who reads.

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