Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Artfest: Morgan le Fay by Brom

Morgan Le Fay by Brom
One of the great travesties of modern gaming is that Brom no longer draws dominates the art associated with Dungeons and Dragons. Just look at this gorgeous illustration of Morgan Le Fay!

The bodies hanging behind Morgan Le Fay seem to sway to an unearthly breeze as she steps forward onto the raised platform chanting some ancient spell that almost certainly will bring down a kingdom or two. The swords jutting out of the ground behind her like spindly crosses from a hastily dug grave add to the mystique of foul powers. While the rising mist behind her seems to cast a demonic glow. Here is how a sorceress should be! Not a sexualized object for pubescent boys to abuse themselves to, but a woman powerful in her glory; with arms outstretched like death reaching for your immortal soul.

It was a sad day when Brom parted ways with TSR.

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  1. Brom was awesome. I used his cards in my MtG decks even when they sucked mechanically, just because of the art.


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