Thursday, November 21, 2013

How Amazon Screwed the Crystal Shard

I was hoping to have a copy of Legacy of the Crystal Shard in my hands this evening so that I could get to work on prepping it for running, but I got screwed by Amazon. You see I preordered a copy of the latest encounter series back on October 17th after I had bought Murder in Baldur's Gate (really a good little set up for a campaign all on its own) and when I didn't receive it today I checked on the status of my order. Seems that Amazon decided that preordering an item doesn't mean shit as they changed the delivery date from November 22 - 23 to January 8 through 19 of 2014. I wouldn't even be able to complete half the module during the remaining time.

Screen Cap from today on

That's right. The sorry sons of bitches decided that they would fulfill the order five to seven weeks after it had been released to the public.

At first I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and decided that something must have gone wrong with Wizards' end of things - these thing do happen - so I called. I was informed that not only was there no problem with it's publication schedule, but it was already on store shelves. Now at this point in the process I'm still frustrated but not angry. Then I called Amazon to get this straightened out.

Normally when you're dealing with someone from Amazon they're pretty receptive to your complaints and work hard to get your issues corrected but the prick that I talked to not only had no interest in helping me but actually pissed me off to the point where I cancelled my order completely. Now I've got find somewhere else to order the thing from since the nearest gaming store is 110 miles away.

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