Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Core Books and Adventures Now Available for Pre-order! [[UPDATED WITH NEW PRICES 5/22]]

[[EDIT - 5/22/201]] The prices for all books have changed over the last day or so. I have adjusted all accordingly. I've also added in the Starter Set so people can have a quick link to it as well. 

Just discovered that the Core Books and the first two adventures for 5e have gone live for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Here's the prices of each along with links to pre-order them.

Player's Handbook $29.97 on Amazon 

Monster Manual $40.55 from Amazon 

Dungeon Master's Guide $39.86 on Amazon 

Rise of Tiamat $24.35 from Amazon 

 Hoard of the Dragon Queen $23.81 from Amazon

D&D Starter Set from $12.66 from Amazo
and $17.99 from Barnes and Noble

Total Cost for Core Book Set
$110.38 Amazon (save $11.31 before shipping)
$121.69 Barnes and Noble 

Total Cost for the Two Adventures
$48.16 Amazon
$48.16 Barnes and Noble

Total Cost for Complete Set (Core & adv)
$ 158.54 Amazon (save $11.31 before shipping)
$ 169.85 Barnes and Noble

Total Costs Amazon vs. Physical Store
$158.54 Amazon
$209.75 Physical Store
Save  $51.21 with Amazon

Total Costs Barnes & Noble 
vs. Physical Store
$169.85 Barnes and Noble
$209.75 Physical Store
Save  $39.90 with Barnes and Noble

Now I should point out that shipping costs are a bear so you should be prepared for that savings to be eaten up. That said, if you're like me, and you've got to factor in the gas traveling the 120 miles to the nearest Friendly Local Gaming Store then the on-line route is still cheaper.


  1. Something else to keep in mind, local won stores will get these products approximately 2 weeks before Amazon, and for instance, the store I run is offering preorder prices matching Amazon.

    1. Wish I had you near me Mark! The only store I have nearby is two hours away. :(

    2. I appreciate that. I do mail order, but I don't know how much time I'd save you. At least a few days though. :)

  2. Sorry, local stores that are WPN stores, not "won".

    1. Actually, while I've got you here how do you feel about the new organized play program Wizards is rolling out?

    2. I've had the most success with the current format, a pdf that anyone can buy and a freebie I give to my DMs (including myself). My concern is what I've seen happen with several organized play programs (including Patfhinder Society), the real world personality clashes. However, if I have the freedom to police that myself (as has mostly been the case with WotC), I can work around it (a large part of my job is keeping niches from forming and mitigating personalities). Its sounds neat, I just hope they are prepared for the enormity of the task. I have worked with Greg Bilsand for awhile now and he is good at what he does, so that's a huge plus for me.

    3. I've been really impressed with Bilsand as well. He's really got a good head on his shoulders from what I've been able to tell. My hope is that this program will be more what we've been hoping for than what we've gotten in the past. So far so good, but then nothing has actually happened yet either.

  3. I don't have the money at the moment, but the closer we get to the Starter Set being released, I'll probably pre-order it then. If I come into some money, however, I'll jump on the pre-orders.

    1. The good thing about pre-orders is that you know you're going to get the book. I have a feeling that the first couple of weeks are going to be slammed in sales. But I've been wrong before!

    2. I think your right. Especially the PHB with Gen Con about 8 days away. I think that WotC will be well prepared though.

    3. I'd be shocked if they screwed this up. Two years of public playtest, months of anticipation from a consumer base starved for new content . . . Then again, they did release an introductory box for 4e two years after the system launched that wasn't fully compatible. So who knows?

    4. I can't say much, but I'm pleased with everything I've seen. Strangely, this is the version of DnD I've been to trying to build with house rules for years. But, different strokes...

    5. "Strangely, this is the version of DnD I've been to trying to build with house rules for years"

      In a lot of ways that's been my internal dialogue throughout the playtest.

  4. Amazon Prime. Free 2 day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Amazon wins.


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