Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stuck on the Mountain.

On Saturday I was driving up the mountain when my car lost all drive. I had just crested the last hill when the power went completely out of my drive and smoke started billowing out the back of the car. I was able to coast the car into the parking lot of a BP gas station two miles after the smoke started but I was shaken up. I popped the hood while my son cried in the back seat and went to check out what was happening because I had the half hearted hope that I might be able to fix the problem.

When I looked under the hood I thought that my engine had cracked because there was all this black liquid dripping from every thing. I panicked for a few minutes while I called for someone to come get us. If I'd been by myself it would have been a relatively simple matter of me walking the three miles to friend's house and waking him up, but with a two year old that's really out of the question. Once I was able to get a hold of Dad and he was on his way my priorities shifted as I had to entertain the boy and spot diagnose the car. 

Looking at the photograph above it's easy to mistake that broken pipe for a radiator line since that's where it's connected - only it isn't as I would find out on Tuesday. That steel pipe is actually a transmission line (which is why I lost all the drive). Getting it repaired, along with a minor problem I was already taking the car to the mechanics for, ended up costing me $222.78. That included the tow ($62.95), labor, and parts.

As a result I've been stuck up on the mountain since Saturday. What's new with you?


  1. Punctured tire with a slow leak. Tried to fix it myself. I took the nail out, and tried to use the tire-repair kit I had. After about an hour of frustration I said, "To hell with this. I'll just take it to the tire shop."

    So I went to get the spare out of my trunk. Discovered it was almost flat, too.

    A friend drove me to the nearest gas station, where I tried to fill up the spare--but some joker had broke air hose nozzle. When to a different station, filled up the spare. Sprayed it with soapy water just in case of a leak. No leaks.

    Put spare on car. Tried one last time to fix regular tire. It seemed to work. But I sprayed the spot with soapy water. Saw bubbles.

    Essentially I traded one slow leak for another. What I should have done was drive the car to the tire shop right away. Because by the time I was finished the nearest shop was closed. You live, you learn. lol

    1. PS: May you get down from the mountain soon.

    2. True story my friend and not far from what I've gone through before!

      P.S. I'll be down from the mountaintop tomorrow. Thanks for the good thoughts!

  2. If I may...

    1. Why have I not heard of those before! Thank you so much for sharing that link Joseph!

  3. Last time I had a flat it was six below, without the windchill; with the wind it was more like twenty below. In fact that seems to be the only time I get flats anymore. That may be why my fingers are more sensitive to frostbite now a days. Anyway, good luck with the car repairs.


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