Thursday, May 8, 2014

Would Anybody be Interested?

I'm working on a short story based in the Spelljammer world. Would you guys like to read it or should I just keep that thing in my back pocket?


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    1. That's enough for me! I'm posting the first part this afternoon.

  2. Seconded! Plus, I'll come back later to third and fourth it if I have to . . .

  3. You're a writer, who cares what other people want, publish and be damned!

  4. Post it, then have poot's do a dissertation on it. THAT would be entertaining... was a good read this morning, seeing both sides of the 'evil' storyline. If only both were longer...

    1. If only both were longer...

      Our wives have been saying that for years! :D

    2. MY GOD. That is the fucking truth. There's a reason my wife can't measure a damn thing. Nearly had a heart attack when she reached for the yard stick the other day.

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  6. First: I'm sorry but I never liked Spelljammer setting. I have never endured the mix of space-fantasy ... bleah! ;)

    Second: Since when do you have to ask permission to publish something?!?! Work hard and write this damn story! :p


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