Monday, August 25, 2014

The Book Shelf: Doc Savage, The Man of Bronze by Kenneth Robeson

I started reading Doc Savage novels four years ago and since I first picked one up I've been on the hunt for a copy of the The Man of Bronze. So many of the later tales are based on the set up from this initial story that I felt like it was a must have in order to fully understand the series.  In some ways I was right. 

The novel sets up the foundation for how Savage is able to sustain his heroic efforts and establishes his connections with the Maya. It also provides a standard for all future efforts in the series to be measured against as Savage's talents are pushed to their limits throughout the story.  This tale also begins one of my favorite traditions in the Savage line: future technology actualized. 

On the whole the novel shows the early growing pains of a character that has been freshly launched and that is still fully developing. The quick writing and energetic actions scenes make up for those little hiccups that come along with early tales of any heroic figure. We're also shown what would become a regular feature of the line when Doc Savage acts as the Deus Ex Machina repeatedly throughout the story. 

Still it's a good tale and an excellent introduction to a cast of characters that would set the tone for an entire generation of authors. 

Four Rocking Chicks out of Five


  1. Nice photos Charles, but when I see this type of images, also in the reality, I have ever the doubt that when they turn there is a risk that actually might be tranny! Ahahahahahah!

    1. Nah, they're some kick ass ladies from Burning Man who were rocking the festival (that I sadly didn't get to attend this year).

  2. My father and I used to sit around and scour late decade 1980's television for the worst movies we could find, which are all now lodged in my brain as the best movies / things ever. One of our perennial favorites was Doc savage Man of Bronze (1975 Dir. Michael Anderson.)
    we have a running joke to this day concerning how the hell did he pick Bronze? Why not Iron or Silver, did he need to be malleable? To this if we see any one do any thing impressive, there is a good chance my father will turn to me and say dryly "well he is the man of Bronze ya know." Naturally I have allot of love for that story. It was not until years latter that I read the soft cover as a joke and realized it was actually pretty darn good. I agree with you a sensibly made reboot would be welcomed.

    1. Ugh, I'm so sorry you guys watched that movie. It's just terrible!


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