Sunday, August 31, 2014

Let Loose the Dogs of War!

And we're live!

Today marks the first day official day of the Underdark Wars and there's still a few last things to do. I need re-draw the map and scan it since my son decided to color it last night with a black pen and the whole Beholder/Drow/Mind Flayer quadrant was destroyed. I also need to get everyone's e-mail address so I can keep everyone in the loop since we have two players that don't have a G+ account. And I'll be sending everyone's troop and resource lists out after I get back from playing D&D this afternoon.

That said I have created a Google+ Community, Underdark Wars, where most everyone can quickly communicate with each other and get things done in an easier way. Already +James Aulds has continued the Duergar tradition of talking smack in some of the most creative ways and I expect that this will be the most active use for the community! Currently it's closed to players only but I'll be using this blog to help consolidate everything into a single location.

The Teams

Beholders   | +Anders Nordberg, Tom, and +edchuk sockmonkey
Drow        | +Andrew Davis, +Gus L, and +Jarrod Shaw
Duergar     | +Mark Van Vlack and +James Aulds
Mind Flayer | +Jim Haltom and +Nick Foster
Svirfneblin | +Mike Davison and the Shadowplay

I'm having a little bit of trouble with Open Office so the finalized rules PDF will be up this evening as well after my brother helps me fix the file - that or I have to completely re-write it. Whichever come first. Until then I highly encourage you to pick your favorite team, root for them, and get ready to watch this bloody spectacle!


  1. Do you have my email? If you need to send me anything, it's at dither001 (at) hotmail (dot) com.



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