Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why So Quite Over There?

I realized this morning that from Thursday night to Sunday I wrote twelve posts and since I've only written two. Why? 

My son. 

So far we've attacked the dog, conquered the vacuum cleaner, killed the spider what did crawl on the wall, broken a train that the salesman swore couldn't be, sang dirty songs in a nonsensical language that threatens the sanity of passersby, and waged cruel war against the potty. He has a list of demands for the refrigerator that if not met by this time tomorrow will find it on the end of his wrath. 

I am waiting relief friends. 


  1. And that is why we love children - what else could bring such a good feeling of adventure and accomplishment?

    1. New puppy has done much the same on my end ;)

  2. I feel for you! I keep up the illusion of consistency on my blog by front-loading entries as often as possible, for those long periods when my kid is trying to jam is power ranger up my nose while explaining to me why Buzz Lightyear underoos are the only thing that he'll wear, and stealing my wife's bokken to kill the closet monster.

  3. I have two boys/always erupting volcanoes... I completely understand what you mean! ;)

  4. No sympathy at all here I've got three kids aged 5 to 18, the horror, the horror ...


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